Dems Sue to Overturn Georgia Congressional Over Voting Machines!

Karen Handel

A lawsuit has been filed to void the the 6th congressional election between Democrat Jon Ossoff, who didn’t even bother to move into the district, and Republican Karen Handel.

Jon Ossoff, Pajama Boy

The claim is that Georgia’s electronic touchscreen voting system is so inadequate that the results should be tossed.

This was the most expensive House race in U.S. history.

The lawsuit was brought by the hard-left Colorado-based Coalition for Good Governance and six Georgia voters was filed Monday in Fulton County Superior Court.

According to these leftists, Georgia’s touchscreen voting system has severe security problems, lacks verifiable paper ballots and cannot be legally used for elections.

Several leftist groups sued in April to allow new registrants to vote in the runoff though the law does not permit it if they have not also voted in the election. Democrats took to the streets registering people before the runoff.

This is another frivolous lawsuit to keep Republicans distracted.


  1. Here we go again! Democrats just can’t and won’t understand that their crooked brand of government is NOT what America wants. They Refuse to accept the results of any & all legitimate voting and respond in the only way they know how: with lawsuits, violence, and more of the same rhetoric.

  2. Sounds like donors are hitting the roof after flushing $20 million down the toilet and loser Progressives are trying to save face. It’s probably the same donors who lost millions, correction billions last November. If only they’d face the reality that they’re on the wrong side of history.

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