Dems Today! Rashida Leads “Impeach the M*F*er” Chant


Rashida Tlaib is bringing down respect for Congress almost by herself. She was out chanting “impeach the m*****f***er” this week at a rally and she’s selling t-shirts with that slogan on it.

The Squad (Reps Tlaib, Omar, Pressley, Cortez) now runs the Democrat Party. They are the Speaker. Of that, there is little doubt. This communistic crew even got Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker-in-Name-Only, a savvy politician, to go along with impeachment based on a ‘whistleblower’ complaint containing no evidence.

Nancy is now willing to ignore civil liberties to continue with the impeachment and every Democrat voted for it. The woman wouldn’t even wait for evidence since she was kowtowing to the Squad.

We have the classless and very angry Rep. Rashida Tlaib and her cohorts comrade Omar and comrade Pressley, if that’s her name, chanting as Tlaib uses disgusting language. They are some role models for the youth. This is unbefitting a member of Congress.

Nice job ladies.

Tlaib is also making money by selling, “Impeach the m*****f***er” t-shirts.” Is this what you want for your children? The President has not used language like this. Surely people see this.

Tlaib constantly embarrasses herself in Congress. Have you been watching her at all? Here’s one of my recent favorites.

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