Dems Triggered Over the Kushners Paying Their Respects to the McCains


First lady Melania Trump and the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner were invited to John McCain’s funeral even though President Trump was not.

The Twitter sewer attacked Ivanka and Jared for attending and absurdly wondered if they crashed the funeral.

New York Times White House correspondent Katie Rogers cleared that up, reporting Saturday that McCain’s friend Sen. Lindsey Graham asked Ivanka to attend.

“Graham said it would be a nice gesture for Ivanka & Jared to attend, but cleared it with Cindy McCain first,” Rogers tweeted, referring to McCain’s widow.

The libs/leftists were thrilled that the President, Ivanka’s father, was insulted during the ceremony and accused the Kushners of cringing. They were joyous at the thought. Some accused Ivanka of texting during the funeral which of course was not true.

There were hundreds, possibly thousands of vile comments on Twitter because the Kushners showed their respects. None seemed concerned about Melania’s presence, but the Resistance wouldn’t miss the opportunity to pile on the Kushners. Some of the so-called mainstream media also attacked the Kushners.

The couple paid their respects, offered sympathy, and endured the insults. They should be complimented, not vilified.

These leftists have no use for John McCain as they sanctimoniously rail against the Kushners.


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