Dems Try to Shed Their Jim Crow Past with a Building Re-Naming


Democrats named a building after a Jim Crow Democrat [that’s redundant], Richard Russell, and they’ve lived to regret it. When Senator John McCain died, bashing President Trump, even after drawing his last breath, with a politicized funeral, Chuck Schumer strongly suggested re-naming the building after McCain.

The idea went nowhere and Senator McConnell hopes to find a better memorial. Senator McCain is not without memorials, to include his library at the University of Arizona, a ship, an annual defense policy, and terminals at Sky Harbor. His real memorial is his role in pushing the fake dossier to damage the President and lying about his involvement.

As it happens, he knew all along about the dossier and fed it to BuzzFeed for publication.

Matt Bennett, co-founder of Third Way, a think tank, wants to ditch the Democrat segregationist and hoped McCain would be the one.

He said that hope fizzled out “like almost every other good, worthy idea in Trump’s Washington.”

“Rather than rename the building for an American hero and Senate titan [some of us would disagree with that], we are left with a monument to bigotry and civil rights obstructionism. It’s appalling, but it’s not surprising,” he said. “A human rights commission sounds like it might be a good idea. But John McCain deserves something big and chiseled in granite.”

McCain was a war hero and we are grateful for the courageous sacrifice he made for his country, but things went sour after that. His last act was an attempt to get the election overturned.

As for the Democrats, they are just looking for a way to disassociate themselves from their dark segregationist past.


Democrat Richard Brevard Russell was given the high honor of having the building named after him for spending his career as a racist. He believed in segregation to the day he died. Russell led the Southern opposition to the civil rights movement.

Democrats like to call these racists “conservatives” for obvious reasons but they weren’t.

Russell, 17 Democrats, and one Republican led the Southern boycott of the 1964 Democratic National Convention after the Civil Rights Act passed. Johnson needed and easily won, Republican votes to pass the Civil Rights Act.

The building was named after racist Richard Russell in the 1970s. The Democrats like to say they didn’t engage in a highly deliberative process at the time.

Russell was a formidable champion of Jim Crow laws even in its dying days.

As historian Gilbert C. Fite wrote at the conclusion of his biography of Russell, “White supremacy and racial segregation were to him cardinal principles for good and workable human relationships. [Russell] had a deep emotional commitment to preserving the kind of South in which his ancestors had lived. No sacrifice was too great for him to make if it would prevent the extension of full equality to blacks.”


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