Dems Want Sarah Sanders Punished for Getting Booted from the Red Hen


Democrats are starting to come out demanding an investigation of Sarah Sanders after she was kicked out of the Red Hen restaurant. This is what you call normalizing harassment, threats, and abuse.

Far-left Walter Shaub, the former ethics director under Barack Obama, accused White House press secretary Sarah Sanders of violating ethics laws when she revealed she had been kicked out of a restaurant because she works for the president of the United States. The restaurant owner and the waiters don’t like the President.

The owner of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, Stephanie Wilkinson, kicked Sarah Sanders and her family out of the restaurant mid-meal because she doesn’t like her views. The owner is a Progressive who marched with the communist Women’s March. She’s a globalist fascist in other words.

Holier-than-thou Shaub tried to score with his leftist friends by tweeting: “Sarah, I know you don’t care even a tiny little bit about the ethics rules, but using your official account for this is a clear violation of 5 CFR 2635.702(a).”

Aside from being extremely petty, the accusation is bizarre since Sanders didn’t benefit financially in any way from being humiliated and kicked out of a restaurant mid-meal. Sanders was confirming what the waiters already posted.

This would be funny if these Progressives weren’t serious and bent on using positions of authority to impose their will on others.


Far-left Rep. Barbara Lee [D-CA], who mourned the loss of Fidel Castro, also called for an ethics investigation into Sarah Sanders for using her government Twitter account to criticize a restaurant that booted her family out. She made her comments during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

Following is the tweet that the left wants to punish her for. They have no problem with Mrs. Sanders being kicked out. Sarah and her family not only have to be abused, they’d better not complain.

Lee added: “Also just with regard to Sarah, she used her government account for taking on this private restaurant, a private business. I personally think she should be referred to the Office of Government Ethics,” Lee said.

When Tapper asked her why she believed that, she said, “Yeah, if you use a government account to attack a private business on personal time, that’s not right,” Lee said.

How clever they are to turn abuse aimed at Sarah Sanders and her family into her bad. This is what life will be like under the Progressives aka leftists.



  1. Attack? That’s not an attack. Powerful FBI agents using government phones and accounts to call Donald Trump & his supporters vile names while vowing to “Stop” his election; now those are attacks!
    Crickets from hypocrites (good hash-tag?:) Lee and Shaub on all those stunning, likely unprecedented breaches of ethics.

  2. This proof that the DNC is infested with socialist commie radicals. This MOB mentality is creating a problem and they may just regret it.

  3. Notice the certain trend here. It began with Betsy DeVos, and now we have Kirsten Nielsen, Sarah Sanders and Pam Bondi, ALL women. The left destroyed “chivalry” years ago, so now women are attacked and where are the men. They are eunuchs of the spirit and mind.

  4. The leftists idiots are so dumb. They are blinded by their rage so much that they continue to make themselves irrelevant. All we need to do is let them continue on their path. They are their own worst enemy. They are the best players we have on our team.

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