Dems Want to Claim Trump Killed Nearly 3,000 People Using Bogus Study


The MSM has tried to make a scandal out of Hurricane Maria, but only as it applied to Puerto Rico. The Democrats want to solidify a permanent voting majority with Puerto Ricans and all Hispanics. They want Hispanics, especially Puerto Ricans, to believe Trump and all Republicans are racist.

They have refused to report the corruption of the Democrat Puerto Rican politicians who hid food or sold it for profit rather than give it to the poor.

The GOP put together a list of over 100 House Democrat requests for hearings and lawsuits to take down the President and Republicans if they win in November. On the list is ‘Hurricane response in Puerto Rico’.

It was handled well from the President’s side, he even sent a top general down to handle the situation. But the island had poor infrastructure thanks to their corrupt government. There was little to work with. The disaster was far worse than it had to be but Democrats are trying to blame Trump for it. It certainly had nothing to do with President Trump.


A ridiculous study out of George Washington University used alleged historical death patterns and figures. They got the data from the corrupt Puerto Rican government who want us to give them $94 million.

Their infrastructure, electrical systems, phone lines were destroyed but they were awful to begin with. That’s on them.

Instead of the 64 deaths, the study says there were 2,975. They are counting people who were let down by their own leaders but they plan to blame Trump.

CBS News reported the outlandish numbers. To arrive at the 2,975 figure, the GW study looked at alleged historical death patterns from 2010 to 2017 to estimate how many people would have died had Hurricane Maria not hit the island. That figure was then compared to the actual number of deaths from September 2017 through February 2018 — obtained in records provided by the Puerto Rico Vital Statistics Records division of the Puerto Rico Department of Health — to determine what the report describes as the “estimate of excess mortality due to the hurricane.”

CBS News, who reported the story, also made sure to write: Last year, President Trump implied that Hurricane Maria was not “a real catastrophe, like Katrina.” Today, new estimates reveal that over a thousand more people died in Puerto Rico than in Katrina.

Democrats have been trying to make Hurricane Maria into Trump’s Katrina. If they win the House in November, that’s exactly what they will do no matter how many lies they have to tell.


Puerto Rico’s Delegate Says President Trump Has Given Them All They Asked For

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