Dems Wave Ukraine Flags, $$$ for Ukraine Border Patrol


Speaker Johnson has passed the $95 billion Schumer bill. It includes money for Ukraine, reportedly $9 billion for Hamas, Taiwan, and Israel, but nothing for the US border. They do have money for Ukraine’s border.

The Ukraine funding package provides $300 million for “the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine 20 and National Police of Ukraine…”

The State Border Guard Service is the Ukrainian equivalent of the U.S. Border Patrol.

Democrats wave Ukrainian flags. Are we Ukraine now?

No Auditing and Missing Money in Ukraine

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX): But I want everybody out there in the audience to remember the $113 billion. I want to repeat the $113 billion that’s already been appropriated for Ukraine – Only $44 to $47 billion of that, two different reports I’ve seen, is lethal aid. So what was the other $66 to $69 billion dollars for?

If they had held that back and used it responsibly, then maybe they’d still have money to come over and try to buy the stuff they need. I don’t want to get into the details in terms of classified stuff, but the stuff that they need to continue to fight.

“So that’s what they did. And so now we’re trying to be responsible. We want to secure the border.”

We do not audit the money we send to this corrupt nation with corrupt leaders.

Donald Trump wrote on Truth Social that Europe should be at least equaling what the US gives since it’s more important to them.

“In addition, I am the only one who speaks for “ME” and, while it is a total mess caused by Crooked Joe Biden and the Incompetent Democrats, if I were President, this War would have never started!”

Emphasis was added since Speaker Johnson keeps speaking for him.

Donald Trump Jr:

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