Dems won’t whip votes while claiming civilization & the planet are at stake


House Whip Jim Clyburn will not whip votes and will allegedly let members decide for themselves how they will vote. He claimed that it is such an important and divisive vote that they can’t push members on it.

That doesn’t sound like Democrats. Perhaps they are letting some members slide so they get to keep their seats in red districts. Speaker Pelosi only needs 218 votes. Democrats can lose 15. She probably knows she has the numbers. This Clyburn spiel could just be propaganda.

Clyburn told CNN, “This is a vote of conscience. I do believe that when it comes to something as divisive as impeachment, we have to leave members up to their own consciences, their own constituents, and what they think is in the best interest of their love for country.”

“And so, I think it would be a bit unseemly for us to go out whipping up a vote on something like this. This is too serious, this is too much about preserving this great Republic.”

That’s confusing. If the very Republic is at stake, shouldn’t he be whipping up a storm?

The Republic is going down in his mind, but he’s not going to fight for it?

It could be they see that as a way out of the mess they are in. If they are trying to keep Joe Biden in the race, they must know both he and his profligate son will be center-stage in the Senate, and in a very bad way.

Not getting enough votes isn’t a bad exit for them. The President won’t be removed in the Senate so there is little to be gained with a trial.

If this goes to trial, Democrats will be on trial with the President since they do not have a crime and every witness was just repeating hearsay or making assumptions.

After all their carrying on about Trump destroying the economy, the country, the planet, and killing people, they are going to leave it all to chance? Just this week, Nancy said, “Civilization, as we know it today, is at stake in the next election, and certainly our planet.”

The end of life isn’t important enough to whip votes?

We will find out soon enough.

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