Denmark Sends Foreign Deportees to a Deserted Island

Lindholm Island

Denmark has a solution for foreigners sentenced to deportation or convicted of crimes and rejected asylum seekers. The Danes are sentencing them to reside on a deserted island until they can figure out how to get rid of them.

Hooray Vikings!

The rejects will be relegated to Lindholm Island where no one lives or travels to.

Finance minister Kristian Jensen said the criminals will be detained at a facility on Lindholm, an uninhabited seven-hectare island in the province of Vordingborg.

The scheme was set up as part of an agreement between Denmark’s conservative coalition government and its anti-immigration ally, the Danish People’s Party (DF).

A spokesman for the party said: “Foreign criminals have no reason to be in Denmark. Until we can get rid of them, we will move them to the island of Lindholm, where they will be obliged to stay at the new deportation center at night.


“There will be police there around the clock.”

“They will not be imprisoned,” Mr. Jensen told Danish news agency Ritzau.

“There will be a ferry service to and from the island, but the ferry will not operate around the clock, and they must stay at the departure center at night. That way we will be better able to monitor where they are.”



    • There are “Northern Islands” that could take them all…teach them how to build igloos and hunt seal with a spear and give them a few fish hooks…and set them free to bolster the Arctic population…..

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