Depends What the Meaning of Is “Is”


by Froy

When is Oral Sex Not Sex?

By late 1997 to early 1998, the notion spread far and wide among teens and young adults in America, oral sex is not sex. How did they come to this conclusion you ask? When pressed, our adolescents would hastened to advise,

“It’s not sex, even our president said so.”

That president was Bill Clinton.

There after, generations of American young people have taken Bill Clinton’s direction. So much so in fact, speaking frankly to young people, especially young boys, they hasten to report the, “goodnight kiss” has since been replaced by the, “goodnight ‘b.j.” (their jargon). No problem, it’s not sex.

The primary question which must be asked, WHERE was all the righteous outrage then? Or now? But moreover, what of the women, the many women, who have suffered brutal, sexual assault at the hands of Bill Clinton? And as if the initial assaults were not enough of a nightmare, Hillary, in every instance, follow up by setting out on a mission to politically and publicly destroy them.

What is it Hillary likes to say? When a woman claims she has been raped, they must all be believed.

Then there’s that sticky issue of the 40 year old predator who raped a 12 year old girl. Hillary defended this monster, when the child took the witness stand, she viciously attacked her and laughed afterwards. Nearly as delighted as when, at Gadaffi’s death, Hillary reported, “we came, we saw, HE DIED”

To the GOP so called, “leaders,” who are oh so piously put upon by the 11 year old tape of Mr. Trump indulging in “locker room” style male braggadocious I ask, exactly where the HELL have you been over the past 20+ years?

Ironically through the years as we now “aged” Baby Boomers discuss the Clinton days and this legacy Bill has left in his wake, there is a common, almost comical comment from the men. They wistfully ask, “why couldn’t I have been a young, single guy during those days?”

Republican leaders over the past twenty or so years have been on a mission to purge the party of Conservatives, of traditional American values. They have been working hard and long to remove all “social issues” from the party platform … to conform with Democrats’ shredding of every drop of social conscience and moral fiber from America.

Certainly not for what Republicans know is best for country but what they think is best for them. Not just, as politicians are apt to do, holding that dampened finger aloft determining which way the wind blows. Worse still, each asking themselves, “how is this going to effect me, my political career and aspirations?” The future of the nation? Not so much.

For those of a presently, more mature age, consider this a trip down memory lane. But for Millennials (or younger), let this serve as an education of the Clintons you only thought you knew. And for the consideration of time and space, we’re just hit some high lights. The amount of “educational material” can be overwhelming.

Bill Clinton, though not removed from office, was indicted and impeached for lying to a Grand Jury and obstructing justice. The incident grew from his affair with a young White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, young but wise enough to save evidence by way of the now infamous, “blue dress” with Bill’s DNA all over it – just in case. In case of what? Monica was but one of many WH interns Bill preyed upon.
Image result for Bill and Monica cartoons

Before Monica, came Mary “Caitie” Mahoney, a pretty WH intern. A bit more mature than others, she became a den mother and sounding board for other, younger interns, commiserating with their very disturbing Bill Clinton tales. Caitie would be the last woman interested in Bill’s advances, she was openly and happily gay. Eventually, Caitie left the White House taking a job as evening supervisor of the Georgetown Starbucks.

As Mary Caitie left, she let it be known she intended do something to help the girls she left behind. So when word got out via the Drudge Report a WH intern was going to, “spill the beans,” to Newsweek reporter, Mike Isikoff, Caitie would have been the prime suspect.

In July 1997, Mary Caitie and two young male co-workers at Starbucks, just after closing, were shot to death. The two males were taken to a back room, each shot once in the back of the head, execution style. Mary’s body was “riddled with bullets” including one, “message” shot in the face.

Not a dime of the substantial day’s receipts was taken, nothing at all stolen. As not a single gunshot heard, the use of silencers obvious. And on their way out (there were at least two murderers), the front door was locked with keys … from the outside.

Why did Monica go suddenly public? As she put it to her friends, “I didn’t want to end up like Caitie.”
Stay tuned for the next installment: I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar til Hillary Imports Sharia Law