DeploraBall Bans Nazi Salutes, Mob of Violent Protesters Outside…Videos


Anti-Trump protests

The ultra-conservative members of #MAGA3x have banned Nazi salutes and all racist symbols at the DeploraBall, tmz reported. Pepe the Frog has been banned. Poor Pepe had been labeled racist.

Protest outside DeploraBall
Protest outside DeploraBall

Mike Cernovich, a right-wing reporter said the group wants to separate themselves from the extreme right.

DeploraBall got its name from the organizers themselves. There will be tight security with about 12 guards though crashers are expected. There is also a heavy police presence.

CNN was denied press credentials.

The DeploraBall will be attended by people like James O’Keefe who uncovered DisruptJ20’s plan to launch acid attacks on the ball, Bill Mitchell who has become a twitter celebrity, and Jim Hoft who edits The Gateway Pundit website.

Mr. O’Keefe (Project Veritas) has more exposé videos coming. He has turned over the names of the plotters to the FBI and law enforcement. The plotters are claiming they aren’t guilty though they are on video plotting.

There are hundreds of protesters outside this event, but they are loud and violent with the crowd building.

The mob started out low-key but in a couple of the tweets below, you can see it is getting violent.

Then there are the morons tweeting, soon to get a visit from law enforcement.

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