Deportations, A View from the Left



The Washintgon Times reported that because Obama’s policy focuses on the deportation of criminal illegal aliens instead of the rank-and-file illegals, the administration is now deporting a record number of criminal illegals:

It’s more than the overall total of 409,849 deportations, which the administration released late Friday. In the final five weeks of the year, after the policy took effect, 78 percent of all aliens removed from the country had criminal records — up 50 percent from what it was before the policy was implemented.

Since taking the reins, Mr. Obama has dramatically rearranged the country’s deportation policy, increasingly turning attention away from rank-and-file illegal immigrants and focusing instead on gang members, aliens with criminal convictions and those who have violated immigration law repeatedly.

“Smart and effective immigration enforcement relies on setting priorities for removal and executing on those priorities,” U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton said in releasing the deportation numbers.

I have a different view. All this tells me is that we have a record number of criminals coming here illegally because we have open borders.

The article mentions that the author is all for deporting criminals. I, on the other hand, am all for enforcing US law and closing the borders.

What the article omits:

  • Why do we have this constant flow of criminal illegals coming into our country
  • Why aren’t we trying to stop it
  • How does this justify keeping “petty criminals” here, giving permanent residency to millions of illegals, giving a form of amnesty to all illegals under 30 years of age? [Amnesty in violation of federal law]

This a violation of our federal law. The people are coming here illegally and this policy will keep that going. Advertising our food stamps in Mexico furthers the message that illegals are welcomed and we no longer have a border.

We are continually being told that the Hispanic Pew research shows the flow of illegals slowing since our economy has weakened. That is disingenuous. If you examine the research it shows that the numbers are still increasing, but not at the highest rates we have seen. Maybe they are getting better at sneaking in?

I don’t believe the research since there is no legitimate way to know who’s coming here illegally.  By the nature of the crime, it is all done in secret.

I fail to see how this Obama policy is helping when we are now forced to deport almost half a million criminals in one year, and that doesn’t even include “petty criminals.”

The President’s policy is not a policy. He picks up criminal illegals, drops them off at the border, and they walk back across the Rio Grande and re-enter the country. A policy would not be a patchwork job like this, it would be a plan to close the borders. The government could start with a real plan by eliminating food stamps and welfare for illegals which is nothing more than a welcome mat.


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