Deranged Lib Says Trump Grew the Economy to Distract from [Fake] Russia Probe


NBC anchor Chuck Todd figured out why President Trump is doing such a fine job with the economy. The 4.1 percent GDP this past quarter has the Democrats very angry, but Chuck figured out what is behind it. Trump’s doing a good job with the economy to distract from Russia.

The clip below begins with reporter Savannah Guthrie giving the good news [bad news to Democrats apparently]

“New figures released just this morning showing the economy is growing at its fastest pace in years. NBC’s Peter Alexander’s at the White House. Peter, good morning, there are a lot of headlines to talk about from the White House this morning, but this is one that the president wants to emphasize.”

Chuck Todd would have none of it.

“You know, Savannah, you can tell there was sort of an urgency in the president’s voice that bordered on – of almost pulling a muscle trying to pat yourself on the back. He was – you could feel that he knows there’s all these other headlines out there that are not good, especially this morning involving Michael Cohen, involving the Russia investigation. Frankly, even on the economic front, he got a lot of grief about trade from even fellow Republicans while traveling in the Midwest,” said Todd.

A guest on the show, Peter Alexander, joined Todd in criticizing the President for touting it.  Todd thinks the President is desperate.

Well, we know the press won’t ever give him a break and tout anything he does.


Crazed so-called conservative Bret Stephens blames Donald Trump for the Democrats acting insane. He also said he is at the NY Times to get rid of Trump and to help out the [Socialists] Democrat Party. Trump is apparently responsible for making him nuts too.

Stephens recently called for abolishing the Second Amendment.

If he’s a Conservative, I’m Bernie Sanders. Stephens once said Trump supporters are Stalinists.



  1. Chuck Todd makes me sick to my stomach with his infantile lies. He is so apparently not a journalist but just another puerile Dem Toady, reminds me of many spoiled little kids who knew he had the upper hand cuz the Birthday party was being held at his house. I bet Chuck Todd go punched in the mouth a lot growing up.

  2. You don’t need to use the word “deranged”. It’s automatically implied with the word “liberal”.

  3. Poor Chuck. He used to be rational. Trump ran on improving economy long before Russiagate
    And as usual Trump delivered. They are 2 separate subjects; one has nothing to do with the other

  4. President Trump lives rent free in the heads of ilk like Chuck Todd, the dems, the left-wing lying fake news media and crybaby liberals, and he has plenty of room to roam around due to the complete lack of any brains to get in his way.

  5. Just when you think the MSM has reached the pinnacle of stupidity….. they go and out stupid themselves! All this winning has driven them over the edge.

  6. When ever someone needs a laugh. Just listen to one of the liberals and they will make your day with their ramblings. Very funny..

  7. Wow, what is wrong with our media???????????? I guess they just can’t stand prosperity! This nation is in the best shape it has been in since forever!!!!!! Russia is coming back to bite all of them in the butt, so give it up you foolish idiots!

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