Deranged! Planned Parenthood supporters FROLIC in fetus graveyard


This next post is very troubling.

Last month, some Planned Parenthood supporters demonstrated their significant character flaws at the University of Texas at San Antonio. They danced about, mocking a pro-life Cemetery of the Innocents display of tiny crosses to memorialize abortion deaths, Students for Life reported.

This took place at the Students for Life Planned Parenthood Truth tour on April 9th. The Students for Life said each protester held an “I Stand With Planned Parenthood” sign.

They behaved like deranged hedonists, bragging about their abortions to cheers and applause.

As one ran to the fetus cemetery screaming, “I had an abortion,” she pointed out a cross and said, “Look! There’s mine right there!”

One chanted, “Stop, hey, hey, what’s that sound? All the fetuses are in the ground!”

One sang, “I’m so slutty! I got pregnant, so I had to get an abortion!” Another sang, “I just love to have sex and abort fetuses!”

They told one Student for Life coordinator that she was exercising their “white privilege” and had no right “when it affects black women.”

These people are very sick.

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