Dershowitz Blasts “Completely Incompetent” Prosecutor


Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz was skeptical that the sex crimes prosecutor Ms. Mitchell was an appropriate person to probe Mrs. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh during Thursday’s testimony. She had little experience questioning accusers and the accused.

After the fact, he was unusually critical, insisting that Mitchell was “totally and completely incompetent” in questioning Christine Blasey Ford.

“I was criticized very much for making that point I turned out to be 100 percent right,” Dershowitz said during an appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“She was totally and completely incompetent in terms of asking cross-examination questions,” he continued. “Because she has little experience.”

He’s right. The Republicans were getting killed until they ditched Mitchell three-quarters of the way through. She was all over the place, never making a point, never seeming to have a goal. Her questioning of Mrs. Ford helped Mrs. Ford look credible and she wasn’t. Ford had no evidence and an extremely faulty recollection of events.

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