Dershowitz Calls Out McCarthyism As Dems Wage a Ridiculous War


Dershowitz is fed up with the rampant McCarthyism at Harvard University as they cater to their angry students. The “inquisitions” have to stop, he said. It’s blatant “McCarthyism”.

“I think that the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot. We ought to be moving forward. Let’s judge Justice Kavanaugh on his performance as a justice of the Supreme Court.”

“I’m particularly outraged at my colleagues and students at Harvard Law School, those of them who have made it impossible for Kavanaugh to continue to teach there.”

“It’s rampant McCarthyism at its worst, reminiscent of what I experienced when i was a student in the 50s where professors were fired because they when 17 or 20 years old they might have been members of the Communist Party [actually, many were and are]. We have to put an end to this and these kind of vengeance inquisitions have to stop.”

He wants the leadership of the Democrat Party to take control of the rogue members and go more mainstream.

To impeach Kavanaugh would be partisan payback and it’s ridiculous, he believes.

“I think the leadership of the Democratic Party has to take control over the rogue members and tell individuals like Maxine Waters who says she wants to impeach virtually everybody for everything including Mike Pence, that that’s not what the Democratic Party is all about.”

The party has to move to the center, he said.

“The Democratic Party has to become more mainstream, has to look to the future. Look, the Democrats lost this election. The president was going to appoint a conservative.”

“If it wasn’t Kavanaugh it would have been somebody maybe even to the right of Kavanaugh. The idea of searching for reasons not to confirm and violating all kinds of due process. Now comes the aclu which puts money before principle and my question to the aclu, how will you appear in front of the Supreme Court now? You’ve alienated one of the justices, maybe even more.”

The Sentinel hopes they keep doing what they are doing so they keep losing just until we can get the USA back.

The renowned lawyer and former Harvard professor also condemned the ACLU’s move into activism.

“I think the ACLU has lost its credibility as a litigation arm of the Progressive cause. And they may have to recuse themselves when they come in front of the Supreme Court. This has become a total mess and we have to begin to move forward and not take revenge for past losses.”

They were credible? Who knew.


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James Robinson
James Robinson
5 years ago

The note that “many were and are” (Communists)
was proven by the release of the Venona Papers at the fall of the USSR. McCarthy was absolutely correct, although grossly understated. He had promised J. Edgar Hoover not to reveal that Hoover gave him the names…and he didn’t. McCarthy knew he was right but Hoover wouldn’t let him prove it! The Venona Papers confirmed that he was right.

5 years ago

It’s funny that the leftist lunatics have gone so far over the edge. Once, one of their own, Mr. Dershowitz, now sounds like a rational conservative.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Poor Allen, he is a relic to his Democrat Party, he has long been forgotten by them and no longer useful to them.

Vincent Morrie
Vincent Morrie
5 years ago

I wonder who he thinks these party leaders are who will stand up to this nonsense.