Dershowitz Knows Exactly What to Do About Women Who Lie About Men


Dershhowitz joined panelists on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Tuesday discussing the very questionable interview of the Supreme Court nominee’s third accuser. That’s Julie Swetnick.  who her porn lawyer Michael Avenatti calls “very credible”. Since then, Mrs. Ford appears to also fit into that category.

The renowned lawyer wants them investigated, tried, and punished and so does anyone who understands the full ramifications of what they’ve done. Women want equality, so here it is. Lying isn’t genetic.

“This becomes a very important educational moment because when you have to teach the women of the world and the men of the world that there is no genetically linked aspect of telling the truth, that women make up stories about alleged events that never occurred and that’s why it’s so important,” Dershowitz told Sean Hannity. “But this is an education moment. And the world is watching.”

Calling Swetnick “the most important subject to the FBI investigation,” Dershowitz disagreed with Hannity’s comment that she “backtracked” during the NBC interview.

“You’re being generous to her when you say she backtracked,” he said.

Swetnick lied her fool head off.

“She swore under oath, subject to felony and perjury that certain things happened. She then said they didn’t happen and she changed her view,” Dershowitz continued. “Any good prosecutor, if the evidence shows that she made it up out of whole cloth, should be able to prosecute her and sentence her to prison.”

He explained the implications of not pursuing and investigating Swetnick’s reversal.

“The problem is women who lie and falsely accuse men get away with it. They don’t go to prison,” he said.  “And President Trump was absolutely right when he talked about how young men are vulnerable, young women are vulnerable. There’s too much sexual assault but there’s too many false accusations of sexual assault and the FBI must get to the bottom as to whether this is one such example.”

Dershowitz slammed the very “idea that a woman will get away with having made a willful decision to falsely accuse somebody of the most heinous crime.”

Right on Dersh and I am a woman saying this.



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