Dershowitz on Mueller Revelations, No Crimes, Only “Political Sins”


Legal scholar Alan Dershowitz was on Tucker Carlson’s show Friday evening to discuss the Feds document filings. Dershowitz said, “I don’t see any crime.” The only crime would be, for instance, if a penthouse was offered to Putin in exchange for building the Tower.

What the legal expert thinks is a circumstantial case will be laid out based on all the lying that’s going on for arguably “political sins”.

As far as Wikileaks, it’s only a crime if they participated in the hacking.

The prosecutor has no right to lay out a political case about anyone without crimes being charged. Hopefully, he won’t do it.

Also, the report should not be released until the Trump team has time to respond.

Mr. Dershowitz hopes Robert Mueller will remember his role is to charge, not charge or shut up.

After noting that Michael Cohen got a deal with Mueller but is going to jail for years anyway because of the Southern District of New York, he said that’s why he rarely makes deal with prosecutors. He doesn’t trust them. The system is so screwed in favor of the prosecutors and against the defendant.

Watch this interesting discussion:

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