Desperate Dems! Cory Booker Ran In & Out of Traffic Screaming, “VOTE!”


A desperate Cory Booker was running in and out of traffic today, stopping cars, screaming for them to vote. So far as we know, he hasn’t been run over.

He sounded desperate in this Twitter post begging Mississippians to vote for the leftist Democrat in order to preserve their health care and economic well-being. The economy is doing well under Republicans and if they vote for his guy, their economic well-being will go down the proverbial tubes.

In other crazed Democrat news, we have actress Jennifer Esposito crying.

Cher is Cher. It’s a “matter of life and death” to her.

Chelsea Handler had the need to expose herself. It certainly got Tony Shaffer’s attention.

If Democrats don’t take back the House or Senate or both, they will lose their minds — what’s left of them.


  1. Esposito crying. What? She wanted to get a head start or something? And what’s up with these chicks going naked to get people to vote? As for Corey Booker, that’s New Jersey. Running out into traffic won’t do anything but get his sorry arse cursed out.

    As for my end of Brooklyn, I know of only one other person who voted. Not that it matters for Brooklyn. One look at the ballot spoke volumes, i.e., THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED.

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