Desperate Joe Biden Promises to Appoint Obama to the Supreme Court


Joe Biden is so desperate that he will say anything. On the campaign trail, he is drawing very small crowds and he has fallen behind other candidates in Iowa and New Hampshire.

He was asked about nominating Obama to the Supreme Court this weekend. You know the answer he gave.

According to the NY Post, Joe Biden said he would nominate Barack Obama to the Supreme Court if the former commander-in-chief was willing to do the job. He made his comments during a campaign event Saturday in Washington, Iowa.

The move, if Biden were elected as president in 2020, would make Obama the second president in American history to also serve as a Supreme Court justice. He would be the only Marxist, however.

Barack Obama violated the Supreme Court a minimum of nine times and believed the constitution is ‘living.’ It is our rule of law and can be changed by amendments, not memos as Obama did in many cases.

Vote Trump and keep the rule of law.

Biden is still looking for that Obama endorsement and it’s not coming.

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