Desperate Obama Begs Iran “Pretty Please w/Nukes on Top?”


Obama glasses

As the Mideast spins out of control, President Obama continues making dangerous, indefensible concessions to the world’s leading sponsor of terror, Iran. Desperate to reach a “legacy deal”, Barack plunges ahead, blindly erasing one “red line”, diplomatic position after another.

Sheltered from any serious, real world bargaining experience by a cheer-leading media and lock step party, Obama has proven most adept in the art of negotiating against himself….and by extension, the rest of America and her allies. On the international stage, absent his pen and phone and an unnerved adversary, our Commander in Chief appears perilously impotent.

The global bad actors see this, and relish squaring off against a pampered, self inflated egoist with no real record of action against genuine, hardened-in-battle opponents. This crew of heavies recognize Barack as the fighter who’s amassed an undefeated record versus pushover challengers. As a consequence, he’s become the guy they’d love to fight.

And so they have. Putin takes Crimea, Assad remains a killing machine in Syria, the barbaric ISIS J.V. squad collects critical real estate, and Iranian leaders, in the midst of our negotiations, chant “Death to America”.

Meanwhile, a delusional Obama returns to his corner, only to hear from his equally irrational handlers, that he’s winning the bout “on points”. Not even the shellacking he took in the Bergdahl “deal” has given Barack pause in his blind pursuit of a nuclear deal with the deceitful, treacherous state of Iran.

Instead, President Obama continues to yield to more and more outrageous Iranian demands. We’ve now reached the point where proposed give-backs have not only made France nervous, but have exceeded limits that are presently in place at the United Nations! When you’ve made both France and the U.N. look like “the strong horse” in talks that will have the most profound, world wide impact as any in decades, you are a recklessly, hapless negotiator.

But one thing we’ve come to learn about Barack Obama. Given his impenetrable shield of narcissism, he will remain steadfast in his ignorance. He’ll give away whatever he wants, to get an agreement with a completely untrustworthy, deadly, rogue state. We can almost hear him begging Iran, in the final hours, “Pretty please with nukes on top?”. Some legacy.


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