Despicable Adam Schiff Wants Mueller to Probe Don Jr, Don Jr Responds


Adam Schiff, intoxicated with his newly-acquired power, wants Donald Trump Jr. investigated by Robert Mueller for alleged lies before Congress. He never minded when Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, Hillary’s computer techs, FBI agents lied before Congress. But he has since become a paragon of virtue and wants to wipe out Donald Trump Jr. who he says lied before his committee.

“Your colleague on the committee, …Congresswoman Jackie Speier [a far-left loon] told CNN that she believes that Donald Trump Jr. lied to your committee on at least two occasions,” Clinton ally, George Stephanopoulos said. “Do you agree?”

Schiff is going to send all transcripts to Mueller and will let him decide. Like Stalin, he will push to have the fishing expeditions without evidence of a crime continue.


Donald Trump Jr. wants Schiff and his staff looked at for leaking. That’s illegal too, but the FBI seems remarkably uninterested in that.

Don Jr. wrote: Considering Schiff & his staff seem to leak just about everything, I’m sure he has had it. Maybe someone should launch an investigation to find out where all the leaks from his committee come from? PS, strange how all the “leaks” about me have repeatedly been proven false! 

He also retweeted Nick Short’s comments asking why Schiff wasn’t investigated for those leaks during Don Jr’s testimony?



  1. this man is one sick angry inadequate person with complete lack of selfawareness. don’t you wonder why he’s a congressman, perhaps because he cannot function otherwise at his intelligence level. maybe he ought to take up art like that actor screwball And that jackie person could help this man who had the defining evidence of “collusion” two years ago is a lying leaker. the DOJ should not investigate him as they have been useless. Judicial Watch should intercede and they should have our support and encouragement

    • He duct tapes his junk, uses cocaine eye drops and is always fearful of when the next HQGBLTFP (did I forget anybody?) prostitute might extort him…that’s where the look comes from.

  2. Shiffhead and Mule ears will both end up in the same overheated locale one day. Sooner would be better than later.

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