Despicable Democrat Heroes Double Down on Calling Ivanka a “Feckless C**t”


Ivanka and her baby, they look happy, it’s making the angry hate-filled left mad as Hell.

This is who the leftists are. These are the people who have taken over the Democrat Party.

After Ivanka Trump posted this beautiful photo of her with her small child, Democrat hero Samantha Bee called her a “feckless c***t” for her father’s immigration policies. Bee likes open borders and she was referencing a fake news story with illegal immigrant children in cages — it was during the Obama era and portrayed as the Trump era by the NY Times.

That was followed by the disgusting creatures in Hollywood joining in and making even worse comments. These are our Democrat heroes. You have to be immoral to support these people.

AutoTrader and State Farm dropped the ads from nasty Bee’s Netflix show ‘Full Frontal’ and the episode in question has been scrapped, but she sure has her supporters.

Digusting hater Sally Fields thinks Ivanka Trump is lower than a “feckless c*nt”. Wow, and she played a flying nun. What a miserable human being she must be. Worse than that is CNN anlayst Brian Karem who applauded her disgusting comment as if it was the “best tweet of the day…”

Not everyone agreed.

Beheading comedian Kathy Griffin told Samantha Bee, “Do not apologize” for calling Ivanka Trump “feckless c-nt”. Then the vile little beast slammed Sarah Sanders for voicing her opinion and went on a long rant about how unfairly treated she was after she made a Trump beheading video.

Minnie Driver added some hate.

Let’s not forget GQs Drew Magory. What a digraceful man.

Disgusting Bill Maher has been spreading hate for years and his followers just love him which says a lot about them.

Today, President Trump said he will pardon Dinesh D’Souza. He also said he is considering commuting the sentence of Rod Blagojevich and pardoning Martha Stewart. That’s a message to all the victims of Democrats who support Trump. He will pardon them. He will have the last laugh.

As the left torches him, the President just goes about doing his job without support from anyone. Despite his flaws, Trump is a hero, not these vulgar lowlifes.

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