Despicable EPA Tries to Bully States, Defy SCOTUS over Climate Rule


While the clown show out of the White House is destroying our fossil fuel industry and pushing coal plants into bankruptcy at breakneck speed, utilities in the US are scrambling for coal. When New Hampshire’s largest utility needed to rebuild coal supplies after the past frigid winter, it turned to RUSSIA for its coal.

The EPA is continuing its war on fossil fuels and though the Supreme Court ordered them to stop implementing the climate rule while the case against it winds its way through the courts, Gina McCarthy has no intention of doing that.

Commissar McCarthy
Commissar McCarthy

Obama’s EPA is trying to bully states into violating the Supreme Court order and work with them on the Clean Power Plan despite the ruling.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the EPA to halt implementation of its Clean Power Plan (CPP) rule which is the centerpiece of the Obama administration’s climate strategy. This SCOTUS order will be in place while challenges to the rule work their way through the courts.

It’s the first time the Supreme Court of the United States has preemptively stayed a regulation while lawsuits are pending.

It’s probably because of the EPA mercury rule. When the EPA’s mercury and toxic air rule was put in place it was fully implemented by the time it got to SCOTUS who then rejected it as beyond the purvue of the EPA.

Josh Earnest suggested Obama would move ahead anyway after the Supreme Court ruling.

White House spokesperson Earnest said  (after claiming the rule is based on sound economics and technology)  that the administration will continue to “take aggressive steps to make forward progress to reduce carbon emissions.”

EPA head Gina McCarthy met with a group of state regulators in Washington on Thursday immediately after the ruling, encouraging them to continue working on compliance with the Clean Power Plan despite the stay.

Attorneys general representing 29 states suing the EPA over its climate rules – the Clean Power Plan – sent a letter to the heads of associations representing state utility and air regulators advising them that states are under no legal obligation to continue to work with the administration on compliance plans.

“We want to ensure that states understand that there is no legal obligation to continue to spend taxpayer funds on compliance efforts and that, in the unlikely event the Power Plan is ultimately upheld by the courts more than a year from now, there will be ample time then to restart those efforts,” attorneys general Patrick Morrisey of West Virginia and Ken Paxton of Texas wrote in the letter.

“We understand that your organizations have been engaged in significant discussion about the meaning of the stay for the states, and heard yesterday from EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, who urged states to continue to take voluntary steps toward compliance with the Clean Power Plan,” the letter says. The attorneys general say that it is simply not warranted to continue working and that EPA should stop.

“We believe the court’s decision to grant the stay for the duration of the litigation — including any Supreme Court review — means that the states, their agencies and EPA should put their pencils down,” the letter reads. “Any taxpayers dollars spent during the judicial review process are unnecessary and likely to be entirely wasted.”

The conservative group American Energy Alliance had a similar message to states on Thursday. The group issued a “stop work” message to governors of all states, utility and environmental regulators to cease all work on compliance with the climate regulation.

The Clean Power Plan requires states to cut greenhouse gas emissions a third by 2030. The rule is based on contrived and faulty studies commissioned by the EPA.

Source: Washington Examiner

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