Despicable Kathy Griffin Sends a Message of Hate for Christmas


Imagine a miserable human being that would wish another person a “terrible Christmas”. She is wishing bad will in the name of Christ to a man who never did a thing to her.

She didn’t receive positive reactions for the most part.

Blaming all the wrong people

She is an absolute fool blinded by hate. The so-called comedian blames the GOP and the President for the recent deaths of two migrant children. It’s the Democrats’ open borders’ policies that are responsible. The leftist groups are the ones lying to the migrants to get them to embark on this dangerous journey and the parents are negligent, but she doesn’t blame them.

Eighty percent of the women, even girls, are raped during the trip. Little children die along the way and the Democrats couldn’t care less.

The two children died immediately after they crossed despite good care by medical professionals working with Border Patrol. The journey killed them, not the GOP, not Border Patrol, and not the President.

The responses to the nasty women on social media were overall not in her favor.


  1. All she is doing is demonstrating how pathetic she really is. She is a sad sad human being. It must really suck to always be filled with hate.

  2. I would like to vote for her Make up artist to receive the Noble Peace Prize. That person is phenomenal at making a donkeys behind look fresh. Cathy is truly ugly inside and out!

  3. Hmm. Wondering how many children she’s trafficked, tortured, flayed, sexually abused and consumed in the name of Baphomet, all for the euphoric high from drinking their blood. What’s the matter, Kaffy? Missing your adrenochrome? Gettin’ a bit twoofy there, Sang? Who’s your Daddy? Trump owns you ALL! Your agony is my pleasure! Oh, and KNOW THIS: HELL CAN’T HELP YOU, AND HEAVEN WON’T! LMFAO!

  4. As long as idiots like griffin and kimmel are given press, they will be thrilled. They do not care what is said as long as their pitiful selves are mentioned. The sad and prevalent character of “hollywood”.

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