Despicable Mr. Sims Apologizes But Not to His Victims


Far-left lawmaker and gay activist Brian Sims made news this past week by harassing an elderly woman and then trying to dox a group of young high school girls. All were praying in front of a Planned Parenthood in his district.

It was a shocking display. He abused the elderly woman and live streamed it on Periscope for eight minutes. In another clip, he is seen trying to get the names of the underage girls and bribing Twitter users to dox them.

Listen to his statement which is an apology, but not to his victims. In the video, the Pennsylvania lawmaker apologizes to Planned Parenthood for interfering in their work, which is killiong babies.

“I’ve lived across the street or next door to this particular Planned Parenthood — one of the most heavily protested Planned Parenthoods in America — for the last 15 years,” he stated, attempting to excuse his behavior.

“I’ve seen men and women and teens try to go there for routine healthcare — for checkups, for Pap smears, for breast exams, for STD screens and yes, for abortions.”

Uh, no, actually he hasn’t.

Planned Parenthood’s own records show that the seller of baby parts performs less than two percent of all breast exams and NO mammograms. For every .89 pap smear, they do one abortion.

On the other hand, the organization performs 34.9 percent of all abortions in America. There is big money in it. That is their business. Any of the other services they offer are available at doctor’s offices and clinics.

If women going into the clinic are harassed as he says, why are there no videos of it? Could it be because he made that up?

This is one of the original clips. He even calls a non-white girl a white racist.

This is the video of the elderly woman being harassed. Sims is a despicable pig.

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4 years ago

Evil people do evil things and make no mistake about it, the modern Democrat party is pure marxist evil.