Despicable: WH SPOX Politicizes Tragic Murders of TV Reporters to Advocate for Gun Control

Alison and Adam
Alison Parker and Adam Ward

Within hours of the murders of two young TV journalists and the wounding on a Chamber of Commerce representative, Josh Earnest, White House spokesman, speaking on behalf of Barack Obama, blamed the horror on gun violence.

Gun violence could be associated with gangs about which they do nothing. Some even call them “misguided children” to quote a city councilman in Baltimore.

The first thing these leftists do is think of the rights they can take away from innocent people.

This was the work of an evil, maniacal man who appeared to have a personality disorder(s).

He planned the killings and sent a manifesto to ABC News.

Why do these madmen have manifestos? Why did he do it on TV? They want attention.

He’s probably a narcissist. He was fired 28 months before. Nothing would have stopped him.


Josh Earnest said in his statement that we can pass common sense laws that will not infringe on peoples’ constitutional rights.

All these people do is infringe on our rights.

Josh also claims that these cases “are getting all too common.”

Gun violence is going DOWN! These gun grabbers shamelessly lie about the facts all the time. Gun sales are way up in Virginia and crime is way down.

If people want to blame the actions of an abnormal person on something other than the criminal, why don’t they blame the leftists who are pumping up anger towards white people, especially against police and conservatives. Bryce Williams aka Vester Lee Flanagan, the shooter, wrote in his manifesto that this was in retaliation for the murders of nine innocent blacks in Charleston. He hated ‘white supremacy’ and played the role of victim and was a rabid supporter of BlackLivesMatter.

The shooter claimed he was gay and a paid escort. He was criticized by superiors for wearing an Obama campaign pin during election night for obvious reasons.

Everyone is to blame but him which is typical of people with this type of mental disfunction.

This maniac filmed the murders and he planned it. It’s horrific.

Of course, I’m not seriously advocating for people to blame the left. The shooter alone was responsible.

Vester Flanagan aka Bryce Williams, former reporter

Earnest also falsely claimed the deceased reporter, Alison Parker, was a bigot for which there is zero evidence.

We don’t know what else is in the manifesto but he’s a decidedly left individual. If he has an Obama flag or a BlackLivesMatter sign, we need to ban them.

Does Josh Earnest even care about the two murdered reporters, Alison Parker, 24, and Adam Ward, 27? Alison Parker just celebrated her 24th birthday and moved in with the man she was to marry. Adam Ward was engaged to Melissa Ott who was to celebrate with him later in the day because it was her last day on the job. Instead, she watched him gunned down.

Hillary jumped on the gun control bandwagon also. She’s another one who could care less about anyone.

As the murders took place, you could hear crying in the TV studio. This happened on live TV.

Alison Parker’s father didn’t get his daily text from his daughter and started to worry. She was killed at 6:45. Her father got disturbing messages from WDBJ7 but still held out hope. When he found out there was no hope he said, “It is unbearable.”

Having personally been through the sudden death of a young person, I can attest to the fact that it is unbearable and while time makes it “bearable”, it’s something a person has to live with for the rest of his/her life.

That’s what makes Josh Earnest’s politicization of this all the more wrong. He’s wrong, this administration is wrong, and they don’t know what they are talking about. They pretend they want to protect Americans but they obviously don’t give a fig. They want control because they are control freaks.

Vicki Gardner
Vicki Gardner

The video is available online and it’s horrific. He can be seen shooting the cameraman, Adam Ward who falls, and you can hear screaming until you don’t. The Chamber of Commerce representative Vicki Gardner was being interviewed for a light segment on local tourism and was shot in the back. Some say she tried to run away. She will survive and is in stable condition.

The shooter was fired after impossible behavior and numerous false accusations. He had to be escorted off the premises when he was fired. Everyone had to be cleared out so he could be removed because he was so threatening.

He also had problems in a similar job in Tallahassee and every job he ever had.

Our prayers go out to Adam Ward, Allison Parker, to their families and friends all those affected by this terrible tragedy.

The shooter shot himself as police closed in on him at a traffic stop. His license plate came up as he passed a trooper and she called for backup. He died of his self-inflicted wound at 1:30 this afternoon. His family deserves sympathy as well.


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