Destroying America’s Christians at George Washington U


At George Washington University, the officials are allowing a training session on Christian privilege. Christian privilege is not real and it is pure anti-Christian discrimination.

Efforts to destroy America continue unabated. There are calls to take down a President McKinley statue in Arcata, demands at Hofstra University to remove the Thomas Jefferson monument, confederate street names are being torn down in Florida, and there was a legal ruling to remove a World War I cross that paid tribute to the war dead in Maryland. We have heard about White privilege ad infinitum. That is a decidedly racist assault on whites, and now the left is moving in on Christians, even more than they have so far.

This is out of the leftist playback. First, you invent a problem – unfair Christian privilege in this case – and then you propose a radical “constitutional” solution that takes away the rights of one group while pretending to give rights to others.

Destroying Christianity with Fake Privilege

The course description has recently been scrubbed from their website – since it hit the news. Campus Reform describes what was written: Participants are expected to learn the meaning of “privilege” and “white privilege” during the event, and to emerge with the ability to list at least three examples of “Christian privilege.”

Perhaps they should offer a course on illegal alien privilege instead. They won’t because they want us to believe everyone has the right to be in this country.

Participants in the course will be able to describe what is meant by privilege overall, and Christian privilege in particular. That is according to the description, now erased.

The Christian Privilege session is just one of 15 training opportunities that were listed on the university’s website. That was prior to it being removed on Tuesday. The university has not provided an explanation for the change.

“These skills support diversity as a core value of the university by helping students create a climate that promotes the acceptance, inclusion, and celebration of all cultures,” the school explains. “Our diversity trainings include but are not limited to race, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, and gender.”

What they are doing is demeaning Christians because they make up the majority of the nation and they are the heirs of the Founding Fathers. To destroy the country, to destroy the culture, they must destroy pride in being a Christian. To make the State superior, they must destroy the biggest obstacles — white people and religious people.

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