Destroying the USA! Caravans of Hundreds & Thousands Pouring In Daily


The Honduran government called on thousands of future illegal immigrants Tuesday to return home. This came hours after President Trump threatened to withhold $65 million in U.S. money if the country’s leaders don’t find a way to head off the caravan.

Unfortunately, these caravans come in nearly daily.

The Honduran foreign ministry said in a statement that the caravan was being politically manipulated to make their administration look bad just days after leaders were in Washington promising better cooperation with the Trump administration, according to The Washington Times.

Mexico is also vowing a stiff response should the caravan continue on to cross their country en route to the US. A Mexican federal police commissioner headed to the border along with hundreds of personnel to be prepared to confront the group.


The Honduran exodus is only one of many caravans with hundreds of people flooding into the U.S. almost every day from various countries. In the groups are people from the Middle East, Africa, China, and elsewhere.

Border Patrol said it’s quickly becoming a repeat of the worst days of illegal immigration from two decades ago, when Border Patrol agents regularly nabbed border-jumping groups of hundreds of people.

“We’re seeing the explosion again,” said Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council.

The caravans now include alleged mothers and fathers and children [they’re often not related] because Democrats and their activist judges have made certain they cannot be turned away or imprisoned. They are all released into the US on their own recognizance with an appearance ticket they will choose to ignore more than 90 percent of the time. They are fitted with an ankle bracelet which they quickly remove.

A majority of foreigners coming in are well-dressed young men of cartel age.


“Smugglers and traffickers know our loopholes well,” said Katie Waldman, spokeswoman for Homeland Security.

The loopholes she spoke of are perverse incentives under the law — including a 2015 court ruling — that push the government to give more lax treatment to adults who show up with children. Under that court decision, in a case known as the Flores Settlement, the government is supposed to release children caught with their parents at the border within 20 days.

Since it’s impossible to judge children’s cases in that short time, and since judges say children should be kept with their parents, that means the entire family is usually released from custody, and quickly disappears into the shadows.

It is the approach used by the cartels and encouraged by far-left Democrats in this country.

Many of the unaccompanied youth coming in, calling themselves children, are young male adults.

Of the more than 75,000 people who came as families in 2017, only slightly more than 1 percent have been deported, Homeland Security says.

Thank a Democrat and their activist judges.

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