Detroit Imam- Gentle “Wife-Beatings” Remind Her She’s Misbehaved


Michigan-based-Shiite Imam Bassem al-Sheraa was seen on tape “educating” students in a class at the Az-Zahraa Islamic Center in Detroit on “wife-beating”.  

He explained,  when the Quran references such a physical act toward one’s wife, it is a “beating” that should be conducted without causing pain or any red markings; but as a reminder to the woman that she “misbehaved in cases when words (of admonishment) do not make her change her ways.”

The Iraqi immigrant continued, “It is just like when your child reaches to touch the electrical socket or a fire, what do you do? You go like that,” Sheraa explained. “It is just like when your child picks up something dangerous and is about to eat it. You hit his hand like that as a reminder. That is what ‘beating’ means.”

“The beating is not meant to cause pain.  According to Islamic jurisprudence, if you beat your wife and any part of her body becomes red you must pay compensation.”  In what court this would be adjudicated was not clearly defined.  Is pink considered red?  Is a dollar amount based on the size of the welt?

But fear not, the imam outlines steps that can be taken first.  A hubby “can forsake her in bed”. If that doesn’t work, “He…can refuse to talk to her…”.  If that fix fails the final step before a gentle beating is admonishment.   

So here’s a recap on Imam Bassem al-Sheraa’s guide to a happy marriage.  If your bride has the gall to misbehave push back by- 1) Not pleasuring her in bed. 2) Not talking with her 3) Reprimanding her.   

It’s only after all those marital strategies have failed that you treat the woman you love like a mischievous toddler who has earned a pain free “beating”.  

We await cries of outrage from all those feminists, including the Democrat, faux suffragettes who showboated during President Trump’s State of the Union, about how this form of misogyny violates their incorruptible “My body, my choice” mantra.  

Maybe next time.

Gently now [from the editor]

  • Don’t forget gouging out eyes, throwing acid on the face, stoning & etc. All the fun things that *leftists* women have to look forward to!

  • The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds. On one hand they are out there beating the feminist drum, yet they are marching alongside the likes of Linda Sarsour. There seems to be a huge disconnect in their brains. I am not sure if western women realize the oppressive nature of Islam or just choose to ignore it or deny its existence in the name of PC and virtue signaling. What a tragic mistake.