Devastating Study on Censorship of Conservative Free Speech


The Media Research Center has conducted an exhaustive 50-page study examining the censorship of conservatives on social media.

Social media is a vital form of communication and it is the wave of the future. People are getting their news or replacing their TVs with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Google is the number one search engine in the world. The importance cannot be overestimated.

The power of these forms of media has been taken over by leftists in Silicon Valley and they are part of a global effort to silence all conservative thought. The political correctness culture has provided a framework for shutting down free speech, and leftist leaders like Angela Merkel and Barack Obama have helped define ‘fake news’ and ‘hate speech’ as conservative news.

Recently, the former FEC chair Ann Ravel proposed a new government agency to collect social media data and use it to advise tech giants as to what qualifies as “disinformation”. Under her plan, the government would also be empowered to levy fines against any social media entrepreneur who allows “fake news” to promulgate. The agency would define “fake news”.

Additionally, the new agency would determine “intent”. Also, social media giants would be allowed to freely hand over all data only at the behest of the government. They will willingly do it. Working as government adjuncts only adds to their power and wealth.

The tech giants are brazenly censoring any and all free speech now and they do work with the government. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told Marsha Blackburn that he considers himself like a government agency. Zuck is a man of the far-left.

The Media Research Center conducted an exhaustive study on Twitter, Facebook, Google, and YouTube and the findings are very troubling. Briefly, the results include:
  • Twitter leads the social media giants in censorship with a practice called shadow banning. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently promoted an article that calls for a civil war against Republicans, marginalizing them until they are no longer a consideration.
  • Liberal [leftists] Twitter advisors outnumber Conservatives 12 to 1.
  • Facebook’s trending section hides conservative topics. For example, topics that had been blacklisted included Mitt Romney, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and Rand Paul. On the other hand, the term “Black Lives Matter” had also been placed into the trending section even though it was not actually trending. The study summary didn’t mention this, but we have found that there are algorithms targeting whole publishers of conservative content. Diamond And Silk are currently bringing this to peoples’ attention since they are victims of it.
  • YouTube has been shutting down conservative videos.
  • The Tech firms’ censors are leftist groups including the hate group — The Southern Poverty Law Center, Wikipedia, and the Anti-Defamation League. Biased outlets like Snopes, PolitiFact and ABC News are fact-checkers. Faith and family values are considered ‘hate’ according to these sites when they fact-check for ‘hate’ and ‘fake news’.

The Leftist Campaigns

One of their findings which I have repeatedly mentioned is the leftist trolls go on to these pages to spot for conservatism and then, through their network, they constantly report the posters to get them banned. This is what MRC wrote in a recommendation to tech giants:

Modify Flagging Systems: One of the worst problems tech companies grapple with is the abuse of their flagging and reporting systems. YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, in particular, succumb to liberal activists who game their systems and constantly report conservative content. These services must determine a better way to handle alerts that do not allow coordinated campaigns against the right.

The study provides information that is deeply troubling. It is further confirmation of a serious danger that liberals should also be concerned about. One day they will waver on some issue and their thoughts will also be deemed unacceptable.

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