Devin Nunes Bristles Since His Committee Basically Wrote Mueller’s Indictment


On Saturday, we made note of the fact that almost everything in the indictment of 12 Russian Intelligence officers and others was known a year ago, and it was definitely known by this past March 22nd when the House Intelligence Committee submitted a report listing nearly everything you now see in the indictment and more.

Why didn’t the DoJ do something last year? All they did was validate the House Intel Committee report. And since the indictment duplicates the House report, why has the DoJ left most of the House Intel report redacted?

If Americans could see the full House report, the DoJ would look ridiculous. Could that be the reason?

House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes discussed it this morning with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures.

It makes one wonder why Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — who is actually the AG — had to interrupt the President’s trip to release the information. Rosenstein also released it after Peter Strzok made a fool of the Democrats and the FBI during the contentious hearings this past week.

The timing is odd. Rosenstein also presented it as if he were trying to build up the DoJ/FBI’s reputation.

What is different about the indictment is that it is an indictment and not a report. Also new is the fact the DoJ left out key details including the fact that Republicans were also targeted by the Russians. They made it appear as if only Democrats were victims. The indictment “plays like they are only going after the Democrats,” Nunes said.

Ironically, the House report was mocked and demeaned by the Democrats and the media, but now it’s the indictment. Frustrating!

None of these Russians will ever see justice. It’s an exercise and a statement to Russia, not a serious prosecution.

How can anyone trust these people??? They’re all snakes.

Another point in all this was brought up by Rep. Ratcliffe who wants to know why the Russians were named in the indictment. Now these Russians are forewarned to not go into a country with an extradition treaty with the U.S.

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