Devin Nunes Explains Why the Democrat Memo Was Not Released


President Trump sent the Democrat rebuttal memo back to the committee for revisions which riled up Rep. Adam Schiff and sent Rep. Devin Nunes out to explain.

In a letter to the committee, White House Counsel Donald McGahn said in a statement:

“Although the President is inclined to declassify the February 5th [Democratic] Memorandum, because the Memorandum contains numerous properly classified and especially sensitive passages, he is unable to do so at this time,” McGahn wrote.

The statement also says the President directed the Justice Department personnel to be available to give technical assistance to the Committee should they wish to revise the February 5th memo.

The President “stands ready” to review any subsequent draft, it concluded.

Earlier Friday, the President said he was planning to release it.

Devin Nunes

Devin Nunes clarified

“Ranking Member Schiff pledged to seek the input of the Department of Justice and FBI regarding the memo’s public release, and it’s no surprise that these agencies recommended against publishing the memo without redactions,” Nunes said, as reported by The Hill.

Nunes recommended that Democrats on the committee make “the appropriate technical changes and redactions” to the memo corresponding to the advisement of the Justice Department, “so that no sources and methods are disclosed and their memo can be declassified as soon as possible.”

That echoed his earlier statements that the Democrats must remove the “sources and methods” included in their memo.

Adam Schiffty

Adam Schiff gave his own statement, ignoring the “sources and methods” part.

“The Democratic response sets out the material facts that were necessary for the public to see that the FBI acted properly in seeking a FISA warrant on Carter Page,” Schiff said. “After promising to treat the Democratic response in precisely the same way, the White House now seeks to have the Democratic memo sent back to committee and revised by the same Majority that produced the flawed Nunes document to begin with.”

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