Devin Nunes Might Be Under Threat by DoJ/FBI/Special Counsel Mueller


Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes has been investigating the General Flynn perjury case, particularly in light of the fact that it now appears he did not lie. As he presses for documents that Congress is allowed to have, he, his committee, and his staff appear to be under investigation by Special Counsel Mueller and the DoJ/FBI.

On May 10th, Scott Dworkin wrote that a GOP Hill staffer was told to steer clear of Devin Nunes, his staff and the GOP House Intel Committee because they are targets of Special Counsel Mueller’s office, the FBI and the DoJ:

He is possibly correct. Devin Nunes has mentioned being investigated in TV interviews, but shrugged it off. He has been investigated over complaints from leftist groups in the past and has emerged free from blame. As soon as a charge comes up unfounded, another is pressed.

The threats to the GOP House Intel Committee would explain why Trey Gowdy appears to be backing off on demanding records from the DoJ/FBI.

If you remember, in February of this year, Devin Nunes said he was threatened by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

In a short clip below, legal analyst for Fox News Greg Jarrett told Sean Hannity on his TV show in February that his congressional source told him Rod Rosenstein in a meeting three weeks prior threatened Chairman Nunes and others.

Rosenstein said he was tired of dealing with the House Intelligence Committee and was going to request their text messages.

CNN analyst Asha Rangappa is touting the company line, claiming Devin Nunes wants to get the source killed. The only problem with that is the committee does know who the source is and has not leaked it.

The DoJ/FBI has refused to release documents in the past only to relent with redacted copies which showed they were merely covering up their failings.

Flynn’s brother says the new information changes everything

Senator Grassley wrote to Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein on Friday demanding the records related to the Flynn casee be turned over to his committe. It appears that General Flynn did not lie but that is the charge he is facing.

In a May 12th tweet by Nick Short about the letter written by Senator Grassley, his brother Joseph Flynn said this, “I will remind everyone that he plead guilty prior to all of this information came [sic] out…”

Earlier this month, the House Intelligence Committee revealed that then-FBI director James Comey told lawmakers in March 2017 that bureau agents who questioned then-national security adviser Michael Flynn saw no signs that Flynn was lying.

Senator Grassley is investigating possible perjury by Jim Comey

As it happens, Comey told the Senate Judiciary Committee the same thing. In a letter written by Chairman Senator Grassley on Friday last, he said that Comey told the committe that agents saw nothing deceptive in Flynn’s “demeanor or tone”.

Senator Grassley wrote, Comey “led us to believe…that the Justice Department was unlikely to prosecute [Flynn] for false statements made in that interview.”

Grassley made note of the fact that Comey’s public statements conflict with his statements to the committee.

The senator wants to review the transcript again. He is demanding that special agent Joe Pientka be made available to his committee. Pientka was the agent with Peter Strzok during the Flynn interview. He agreed with Agent Strzok that Flynn was not lying. Another agent was present. That agent was described as non-partisan by Sara Carter quoting her sources.

Another agent said Flynn was NOT lying

Investigative reporter Sara Carter says Special Agent Joe Pientka and another “non-partisan” law enforcement officer can explain what McCabe’s role was in all this. Why was Flynn charged with lying? Sara wrote:

“There’s a lot these agents can reveal about that day and what (former FBI Deputy Director Andrew) McCabe’s role was in all of it,” said a U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the matter. “McCabe was apparently trying to find a reason, any reason, to make it look like Flynn was lying. But the truth of the matter is – no one thought he lied, not even the agent that hated Trump.”

The DoJ/FBI is hiding important information and it’s not about national security as they claim. All the information is being slow-walked until November. They might hope the Democrats will take over the Congress and all this will disappear.

To be fair, we must make note of the fact that the charge of lying could be an attempt to let the General off easy. This would be done in return for his cooperation because there are other charges –potentially.

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