Devin Nunes to Push for Contempt Charges Against Jeff Sessions


Devin Nunes said that on Friday they found out from the judge that the Special Counsel investigation has gone off the rails. The FBI opened a secret counterintelligence investigation on an American citizen and they went to a secret court to get the warrant, Nunes explained. The committee is investigating FISA abuse and they need certain information they are not getting.

There is a very small apparatus that controls the checks and balances between the Executive Branch and Congress, he said.

The Obama administration decided to move ahead in a counterintelligence operation in a campaign of all things, Nunes, said.

Two weeks ago, the committee sent a letter requesting information and it was ignore. They then sent a subpoena and were told they would not be given the information. The next step is to hold Sessions in contempt.

Are they sure he’s alive? Anyone seen or heard from him lately?

Sara Carter confirmed that’s the next step.

Devin Nunes was on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo this morning and he said the Mueller indictment was a rewrite of the the House Intelligence Committee report. It’s turning out to be another fiasco like the Russian Troll trial. Nunes also mentioned that the President needs to order the release of the documents because they can’t realistically impeach Rosenstein.

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