Devin Nunes was Right Again, Comey Appears to Be Lying


Earlier this month, the House Intelligence Committee revealed that then-FBI director James Comey told lawmakers in March 2017 that bureau agents who questioned then-national security adviser Michael Flynn saw no signs that Flynn was lying.

As it happens, Comey told the Senate Judiciary Committee the same thing. In a letter written by Chairman Senator Grassley, he said that Comey told them agents saw nothing deceptive in Flynn’s “demeanor or tone”.

Thank Byron York at The Washington Examiner for publicizing this information.

In fact, the Senator wrote, Comey “led us to believe…that the Justice Department was unlikely to prosecute [Flynn] for false statements made in that interview.”

Grassley made note of the fact that Comey’s public statements conflict with his statements to the committee.

In other words, he’s lying or very confused. Could Comey just be trying to save his butt?

The senator wants to review the transcript again and he wants special agent Joe Pientka available. Pientka was the agent with Peter Strzok during the Flynn interview.

Sara Carter says the agents can explain McCabe’s role

Investigative reporter, Sara Carter says that her law enforcement sources say neither Strzok or Pientka believed Flynn was lying during their interview with him, as reported. 

Sara Carter says Special Agent Joe Pientka and another “non-partisan” law enforcement officer can explain what McCabe’s role was:

“There’s a lot these agents can reveal about that day and what (former FBI Deputy Director Andrew) McCabe’s role was in all of it,” said a U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the matter. “McCabe was apparently trying to find a reason, any reason, to make it look like Flynn was lying. But the truth of the matter is – no one thought he lied, not even the agent that hated Trump.”

We need to see those 302s that McCabe is rumored to have altered. The 302s are the notes taken by the agents.

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