Dewayne Craddock identified as Virginia Beach killer [police scanner audio]


DeWayne Craddock, a public utilities engineer and, according to one person, a “disgruntled employee,” whose name frequently appeared on city notices, was named as the mass shooter who opened fire “indiscriminately” at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center. He killed 12 people and wounded at least four to six others. One person was killed in the parking lot in his car.

Craddock, aka Hamilton, was killed in a brutal firefight with police.

Craddock worked for the city of Virginia Beach and was recently fired according to some unconfirmed reports. Other reports said he was mot fired.

On the day of the shooting, he went into a lavatory to brush his teeth as he did every morning. He greeted an employee who was getting ready to leave work. The employee wished him a nice day and Craddock wished him the same. Then Craddock began his spree, indiscriminately shooting people.

The Wall Street Journal and other outlets report that DeWayne Craddock had been terminated recently. The newspaper reported that Craddock returned to municipal building 2 to “exact revenge.” However, later reports say he was not fired and only one worker said he was a disgruntled employee.

Craddock previously served in the Army National Guard, and he was a 1996 graduate of Denbigh High School in Newport News, Virginia, according to an old Daily Press newspaper article, Heavy reported.

He is divorced but it is unclear when the couple got a divorce. A web page on listed information about a Virginia Beach resident named DeWayne Craddock as being 40 years old and having a birthday on Oct. 15, 1978. It also lists him as a Black registered Democrat and Christian who is married.

He is a Democrat.

Social media pages confirm political positions but I can’t confirm them.

“It’s a horrific day for Virginia,” said Gov. Ralph Northam at one of the press conferences authorities held in the wake of the mass shooting. “It’s just a horrific day. Our thoughts are with these victims and their families.” The gunman used a .45 caliber handgun with a silencer and multiple extended magazines, the police chief said. The shooter and officers engaged in a lengthy “gun battle.”

Democrats are demanding draconian gun laws as a result of this shooting and claim the gun is responsible.

The police identify the victims in this next clip:

This is very graphic:

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