DHS Chief: No One Will Be Detained in the United States Because They’re Here Illegally



On Thursday, at the United States Conference of Mayors, Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson announced that he will violate the laws of this country which he swore to uphold. He declared that the only people who will be deported will be hardened criminals. No one will be detained because they are here illegally.

U.S.immigration law will not be enforced. He claims it is what most Americans want. That’s not true.

Rasmussen found that 62% of Likely U.S. Voters oppose the president granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants without the approval of Congress.

Illegals are “entitled” to become citizens if they were brought here illegally as children, Jeh Johnson said. He also said their parents and others in the country here illegally for some time are “entitled” to become citizens. All squatters are to be made citizens.

Johnson is looking forward to giving Obama-amnesty to the parents of people here illegally [DAPA] in May when the program begins and he wants as many to come forward as possible to help pay for the program with their application fees.

DAPA is as illegal as DACA. It did not go through Congress. Congress rejected DAPA. Only Congress can write legislation under our Constitution.

These people, including the president, should be impeached but Congress took impeachment off the table which means these people will go full-bore in violating the law.

Johnson said he’s urging his staff to “educate people” as quickly as possible about how to apply for the program.

He is not only breaking the law, he’s urging illegal aliens and others to help him do it.

“An earned path to citizenship for those currently present in this country is a matter of, in my view, homeland security to encourage people to come out from the shadows.”

If they are here, they are entitled to get on the line according to this corrupt administration. Never mind that it is unfair to those who have been on line legally.

It is illegal for illegal aliens to work in the United States and that is another law Johnson plans on breaking. People who qualify for deferred action also qualify for work authorization according to Johnson.

“It’s a separate legal authority. It’s a separate act. But you qualify for both at the same time. But you can’t get one before the other. That’s how I anticipate it will work. That’s how the DACA program works,” Johnson said.

People here illegally will no longer be detained because they are here illegally and only the most hardened criminals will be sent back.

Johnson said, “We will no longer accept where we have probable cause to believe the person is undocumented. We will no longer put a detainer on that person, which led to a lot of litigation.

Under the administration’s new “Priority Enforcement” program — which replaces the “legally and politically controversial” Secure Communities — “we will only seek to have transferred to our custody from state and local law enforcement custody those who have been actually convicted of a felony, an aggravated felony,” Johnson said.

Priority also will be given to terror suspects, people convicted of three or more misdemeanors, or people convicted of a “significant” misdemeanor.

Under Secure Communities, “A lot of the controversy was somebody’s picked up for, let’s say, a broken headlight, and they are put into our immigration system,” Johnson said. But that won’t happen any more: “We will no longer accept where we have probable cause to believe the person is undocumented. We will no longer put a detainer on that person, which led to a lot of litigation.”

“But we will make a request that you notify us that you have an undocumented who’s been convicted of a crime in your jails. And then we will work to seek the transfer of that person within the period of time you are legally authorized to hold that person.”

“But otherwise, if somebody’s picked up for whatever reason for a — in a traffic stop, and they’re not a priority for removal, then I don’t want my enforcement personnel investing a lot of resources. And it does require a lot of resources to remove one person. It’s a — it can be a multi-year effort. I don’t want them investing resources in that. I’d rather them focus on the convicted armed robbers in your jail system. Or the convicted — those convicted of domestic violence. Or those convicted of some form of fraud or, you know, armed offense. Not the person who, you know, simply gets pulled over at a traffic stop.

“Look, I — I — I want our immigration enforcement personnel to focus on criminals and focus on recent illegal arrivals. There’s enough for them to do in those two camps, if you focus. And the good news is, an increasing percentage every year of those that ICE removals are convicted of some type of crime. It’s up to now 80- something percent.

“We’re less interested, at least we should be, on those in the interior who’ve committed no serious crimes, who’ve lived in this country for years. I want them, and I’ve encouraged them — and I’ve encouraged them to encourage the ERO (enforcement and removals operations) workforce to focus on the criminals in your jails. And so, I expect to see an increased emphasis on that while I’m secretary.”

He said it’s who we are as Americans.

Actually, it’s who communists are as Americans.

We are not a nation of immigrants as they would have us believe. We are a sovereign nation with a generous immigration policy.

The Obama administration has erased our borders, violated our immigration laws, and turned us into a lawless nation.

immigration reform communists

The Communist Party in the United States is behind the open borders movement and has joined forces with radical leftists like LaRaza to make it happen. With the help of corrupt politicians, it’s not been as difficult as one would have expected.


The Communist Party, USA, in its publication, Political Affairs: Theoretical Journal of the Communist Party USA, understands and exploits the cause-effect relationship of this: “undocumented workers in any work… have the effect of depressing wages and lowering the quality of working conditions.” In other words, CPUSA and its fellow travelers suggest that, in order to “save” workers, the working class must first be destroyed through declining wages and living standards!”

The communists also believe that the influx of minority workers will destroy the imperialist nation from within by becoming a society within a society.

The “useful idiots” have become tools of the communists. The bleeding hearts, the corrupt, the ultra-liberals, greedy entrepreneurs all fall for the human angle and blindly put the Constitution aside.

Without the rule of law, we become anarchists.

The open borders movement is meant to ruin our unity and coherence as a nation. It is the reason that Barack Obama constantly divides us.

A great deal of money has been invested in making this come about. We won’t need a foreign power to take us over because no nation can survive without borders and without a national identity. We are quickly becoming a lawless nation without values and without an identity.