DHS Nominee: It’s Not Terror…Tsarnaev “Kids” Are Murderers


photo of Phillip Mudd

Former DHS nominee, Philip Mudd, indirectly linked to water boarding while serving under George Bush, appeared on Fox News Sunday. He said that he believes the Tsarnaev’s were an isolated duo who were inspired by an online magazine. Mudd is not troubled by the FBI missing the threat Tamerlan posed. He could be right. He should have stopped there. He was okay with those comments.

He had to speculate stupidly unfortunately. Mudd said you have a couple of kids in a closed circle. The only fingerprint is ideology. There is no al Qaeda fingerprint. Two radicalized kids. I’d charge them with murder, not terrorists, Mudd proclaimed. It’s two kids that decided to commit murder.

The facts as we know them so far are that Tamerlan posted radical Islamist videos on his youtube channel and linked them to the Northern Caucasus, one of the most violent Islamist groups in the world – Mudd was aware of that. Mudd didn’t think too much of Tamerlan’s six month travel to dangerous Russian provinces last year. He dismissed the Russian government’s concerns that Tamerlan was possibly dangerous. Tamerlan allegedly got kicked out of his own Mosque a few months ago for screaming at the Imam in public when the Imam said they should emulate MLK Jr.

Mudd said this wasn’t terror, it was like Columbine, a couple kids committing murder. He’d charge them with murder. I wonder if Mr. Richards or Mr. Bauman would agree. Since Mudd’s not involved in the case, hasn’t interviewed anyone involved with the case, and knows basically nothing, perhaps he should have said nothing.

As an aside, people need to stop calling these two terrorists “kids,” because they are doing a disservice to all of us, especially the victims. The one creep was 26, not a kid, and the youngest casually smirked his way through the bombings, hardly a “kid.”

Perhaps Mr. Mudd would like to classify this incident of terror as recreational violence?

One Ft. Hood victim said let’s stop reacting and become proactive. He also had an inspiring message for the Boston victims in the next video.

If you will remember, the Ft. Hood massacre is classified as workplace violence even though the murderer/terrorist emailed with the terrorist al-Awlaki whom we later droned.

These terrorists draw in the young, convince them to commit these heinous acts, and then they disappear into their hole. That is how al Qaeda operates.

How are we going to deal with terrorism if we refuse to accept that terror even exists? We are just way too casual about terrorist attacks.


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