DHS Orders Border Agents to Give Haitians, Africans, Russians, Armenians Asylum Via Mexico


When they are refugees, they are on a path to citizenship and they will soon be able to vote. When they do vote it will be for the party that gives them freebies.  Read this through and tell us where we are wrong.

Keep in mind that none of these people have been vetted and many of them are people who hate us. This is amnesty by our president for people who are not refugees.

We don’t know who these people are but all they have to say in order to be allowed to stay is that they are fleeing their homeland because of a “credible fear”. At least that was the way it was. Now they don’t have to even say it to be treated that way, Judicial Watch discovered.

Throngs of Haitians, Africans, Russians, Armenians and Guatemalans are being admitted into the United States via the Mexican border with virtually no vetting for security or health risks, high level Homeland Security officials told Judicial Watch this week. Overwhelmed and understaffed border agents are bombarded daily with an onslaught of immigrants from these countries and have been ordered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to process them as refugees with “credible fear.”

Agents are being ordered to cover it up.

One federal agent at the San Luis Port of entry in Arizona described the situation as a “mass crisis, like a third-world country.” A DHS supervisor in the region told Judicial Watch that the agency has issued an order from Washington D.C. to all agents: “No one is allowed to speak to the media.”

Mexico has a secret accord with Obama, our king.

The influx of Haitians and Africans has been making headlines in Mexico for weeks because droves of immigrants are being housed in shelters in Mexican border towns while they await entry into the United States under a secret accord with the Obama administration.

The so-called refugees are coming for entitlements.

Judicial Watch’s sources on the border say the overwhelming majority of migrants don’t appear to have been through any hardships. Instead many look in great physical shape, even muscular and fit, well-groomed and a lot of them have large amounts of cash. “They’re showing up with a few hundred dollars if not a few thousand dollars, new electronics, cell phones, tablets, etc.,” said a Border Patrol official in Arizona. Another border agent told Judicial Watch that many of the Haitians and Africans “know the administration is going to let them in and they come with an attitude of entitlement.” Keep reading…

We are in big trouble. Hillary wants open borders with millions of foreigners traveling freely in and out of our country, many coming for entitlements and will demand them.


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