DHS Released A Scathing Report About WH Secret Service Failures


An 8-page summary of a scathing report condemning the Secret Service for their recent, very public failures has been released.

The internal review by The Department of Homeland Security determined that it was lack of training, poor staffing decisions and communication problems that contributed to the failures and the resignation of the department head Julia Pierson.

No one was disciplined or fired of course, at least not that they said.

So far it appears that the report ignores some facts, most notably the culture that permeates the department.

An unqualified woman – Julia Pierson – was hired to head the agency for starters.

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson said she wanted the Secret Service to be more like Disney World. She wanted them to be friendlier and more inviting.

She succeeded as long as she wasn’t referring to the tea party people and military who are treated to SWAT teams and armored tanks when they go to D.C. to protest.

Pierson was an HR person before her rise to the top position. She won the position over better qualified men.

What did the wannabe Disney World director do when the Secret Service allowed an armed mentally ill man run through the White House – which had an unlocked door by the way? She praised them for their “restraint.”

By now, most know that there quite a few high profile breaches in security at the White House and that agent was off duty and ran into Gonzalez by chance.

There were the gun shots through a White House window, a Texas Army veteran tearing across the lawn, and there was the fence-jumper who ran around the executive mansion through a pair of unlocked doors, knocking a small female officer down, and beating up guard dogs who got in his way. Even the dogs are incompetent.

The female guard was too small to stop him and, to make matters worse, she grabbed a flashlight instead of a baton.

The Secret Service hires people who are physically unqualified because they have filters for age, gender, and race which could be the reason the small female was guarding the White House.

The rampage by Omar Gonzalez took place while an agent made a personal call in a van with another guard dog. He had his ear plug off.

The agents who watched Gonzalez charge for the front doors of the White House weren’t all that concerned because they thought the doors were locked.

Why were the doors unlocked, you ask. The Post reported that the front door of the White House was deliberately left unlocked. An alarm box at the entrance was muted because it was annoying members of the usher’s staff who work nearby.

That smacks of a culture problem as do many of the other issues surrounding the breaches.

Gonzalez wasn’t tackled by an agent until he worked his way “deep” into the White House.

The emergency response team didn’t know the layout of the White House and were reluctant to go into the mansion. Why?

Remember Michaele and Tareq Salahi who were allowed to “crash” or were granted entrée to a White House dinner? They got in because the tone set by the White House for their security staff had changed but that was hushed up.

The White House social secretary Desirée Rogers blamed the Secret Service for the Salahi incident.That turned out to not be true.

Michaele Salahi said that she had conferred with White House social secretary Desirée Rogers as to whether wearing Indian attire would be appropriate, and that “they thought the sari was a great idea.”

Desirée Rogers told media that a member of her staff was at the main entrance to handle arriving guests not on the guest list, but that the Secret Service did not alert her staff to either the Salahis or Carlos Allen, another reportedly uninvited guest.

The New York Times subsequently reported that Rogers had posted an employee of her office only at the East Portico checkpoint, but not at the first, outer checkpoint, a departure from past practice.

Leaks from Secret Service indicated that they were told by Rogers to follow her directions on relaxing security.

After an internal investigation and the discovery Rogers had not followed the traditional protocols for checking White House guest lists, the administration acknowledged she made a mistake.

Rogers resigned three months after the incident with the Salahis.

She was not allowed to testify before Congress.

Rogers was a friend of Michelle Obama’s who traveled in their Chicago social circles.

The Secret Service has been caught misbehaving on trips with both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. While the Secret Service deserve blame, who ultimately sets the tone? Who is hiring unqualified people, not supervising, and not firing incompetents?

When the president went to the funeral of Nelson Mandela – one of his favorite socialists – there was no way to protect the President but who was going to tell him.? As a result, a mentally ill criminal stood next to him during his speech making odd hand gestures pretending he was signing for the deaf.

And those gun shots that rang into the White House? They were reported by an agent but White House staff squashed it. The policy of “shoot the messenger” is alive and well in the White House.

Listen to Dan Bongino’s and Ron Kessler’s take on this issue:

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