DHS Reveals the Shocking Numbers of Criminals in the Caravan


In a conference call with reporters, the Department of Homeland Security said there are 500 criminals in the caravan at the Mexican border with San Diego. The caravan now numbers 6,000. Thousands more are on the way.

DHS also stressed the fact that “most of the caravan members are not women and children”. The group is mostly made up of single adult or teen males and the women and children have been pushed to the front of the line in a bid to garner sympathetic media coverage, Fox News reported.

They use them as human shields.

We know that is true from videos and reports by Ami Horowitz, William LaJeunesse, and Sara Carter.

“All legal options are on the table and we have been negotiating with all our partners in Central America with ways to deal with the caravan,” one official said.

U.S. border inspectors are already processing only about 100 asylum claims per day at Tijuana’s main crossing to San Diego, according to the Associated Press. Asylum seekers are registering their names in a tattered notebook managed by migrants themselves that had more than 3,000 names even before the first members of the leading caravan started arriving last week.

Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum has referred to the arrivals as “bums and is considering a referendum on whether they should be allowed to stay. Mexicans in Tijuana protesting the new arrivals say many are Maras, gang members and they brought prostitution and drugs with them.

Mexican Nationalists protesting against the migrant caravan are being accused of being part of the “Que Que Que!” It’s an evil organization modeled after the KKK in the U.S. They aren’t of course. It’s just what the left does — demonizes the opposition.

Women and children have been molested on these trips and many children go missing. The leftist groups backing these caravans are evil. They see this as collateral damage and a price to be paid for the ideology.


  1. One would have to be a complete idiot of the nth degree to not KNOW that the MAJORITY of those in the invasion “caravan” are felons and criminals…the rest are uneducated and retarded…not to mention the odd ISIS personnel that are being ‘mixed in’. The mainstream corrupted media are working hand in glove with the leftist, liberal(?), progressive/regressive democrats and rino’s whose sole aim is to regain power at any cost to get rid of the Electoral College and the Constitution so that they can complete the job started by Geo. Sr. and almost completed by Barry…Brussels is handling the NATO side and BREXIT, Poland, Austria etc., are like Trump, not making it easy for them also…

  2. Ive been saying it for a while. They used local media in these countries to advertise the caravans and make us think they are normal everyday people. Then they emptied prisons and took woman with children on welfare and paid them to leave using free soros funds. They save a bunch of money on social programs and prison costs, but who cares, because now they are our problem.

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