Diamond And Silk Destroy Partisans Attempting to Hurt Their Reputations [VIDEOS]


Diamond and Silk testified today while no one from Facebook showed although they were invited. Some Democrat partisan s tried to make the duo into liars or evil capitalists, but they would have none of it.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee tried to twist the words of Diamond and Silk Thursday during the hearing on social media practices as they presented testimony about Facebook’s censorship of right-wing websites.

These ladies are amazing. They are funny, committed, courageousous, and they are very bright.

They also took on Hank Johnson who thinks Guam will sink if we have too many soldiers stationed on the island. There is something wrong with him mentally. He apparently has a real problem with capitalism too.

Watch the ladies in these short clips. They are just terrific.

Listen to them shut down Lee. She’s just awful.

What can one say about Hank?

He began most condescendingly, “I’ve always heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend…”.

Diamond, aka Hardaway, exploded.

“They’re hard, too. And if I got to be hard with you and firm, I will,” she said. “You’re not going to brush us off and dismiss us like we don’t have merit here. These people censored us for no reason. They put limitations on our page for no reason. And that was wrong …”

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