Dianne Feinstein Warns Trump to Not Fire the Democrat Hitman Robert Mueller


There have been unverified reports that President Trump wants to replace Jeff Sessions as attorney general so he can install someone at the head of the DoJ who will fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

On Face the Nation with John Dickerson this past Sunday, Dianne Feinstein warned President Trump he had better not fire their [Democratic hit] man Mueller because it could be “the end” for him.

“Well, Chairman Grassley has put the bit between his teeth and said that there will be no hearings, Mr. President, if you go ahead and fire Jeff Sessions. I think there has been sufficient opposition for the president not to do so, unless of course what he really intends is to end up firing Mueller, which could well be the beginning of the end of his presidency.”

Mueller’s job is to investigate Russia’s influence on the election. And he appears to be examining every aspect of Trump’s life and his family’s. Several lawyers on Mueller’s staff are Hillary donors and he has no legitimate reason to be pursuing a counterintelligence investigation in the first place.

However, Trump shouldn’t fire Mueller unless he does something untoward.

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