Dick’s Will Abandon Hunters Before Reversing Decisions on Guns


CEO Edward Stack told analysts that Under Armour’s decision to sell more of its merchandise through lower-cost outlets like Kohl’s and Macy’s has hurt sales at Dick’s.

“We experienced significant declines in Under Armour sales as a result of their decision,” he said after Dick’s on Wednesday reported fourth straight quarter of slumping sales.

It’s not only that, their decision to rid their stores of so-called assault rifles and refusal to sell to anyone under 21 are major reasons for their decline in sales. It started immediately after they made their decision, but they don’t care.

The decline is in hunting and electronics as well as Under Armour products.

Dick’s won’t be changing their mind about guns and forcing their anti-Second Amendment values on us, they will just abandon hunters.

Dick’s is phasing out electronics altogether, while also de-emphasizing sales of hunting gear and stopping sales of assault-style rifles in February.

They are considering eliminating all hunting gear from all 732 stores.

Dick’s is “looking at a number of stores where the hunt category significantly underperforms.” Additional moves will involve deciding what’s “a smart thing to do from a business standpoint,” CEO Stack said.

They would replace it with higher end baseball and soccer goods.

“Sales continue to be negatively impacted by double-digit declines in hunt and electronics,” CFO Lee Belitsky said. “Specific to hunt, in addition to the strategic decisions we made regarding firearms earlier this year, the broader industry has decelerated and remains weak, as evidenced by most recent background-check data” for firearms purchases.

The latter is somewhat questionable although prohibitive anti-Second Amendment laws are being passed in a number of states.

They don’t care if they lose money as long as they can trash our civil rights.


  1. I used to shop at Dick’s a lot, but since they want to make a stupid political statement, I will too. Going other stores now. Our store size is about 2x too big for what they plan to sell now. So……. a lot of overhead and no sales to cover it. If I had a big stake in Dick’s I would fire his axx and get someone who understands who their customer really is.

    • Maybe he would do better running a yarn and knitting store. Just get rid of the dangerous needles because they have been used to attack people too, and he would feel right at home.

  2. Business would be great if it weren’t for the customers.

    Stupid liberals and business don’t mix.
    Business and activism don’t mix, you would think these CEO morons would have more brains…

    New business strategy: pissing off your customers.
    More losers:
    Cooler wars: Rivals hope to cash in on NRA feud with Yeti – CBS News
    Bye Bye
    Levi’s Teams with Billionaire Michael Bloomberg to Attack Gun Rights
    Bye Bye

    THIS is why we own guns, to protect the people we love.

    Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights

  3. The anti gun lobby is cheering on DICKS, but most SJW snowflakes probably never set foot in your stores.

    Gun people are also outdoorsy, you know; tents, fishing tackle, knives, etc. etc., do you think they will continue to buy from DICKS?

    So NRA’s skyrocketing membership are targeted by liberal retailers to ‘not’ buy their products?

    By the way, somebody needs to educate CEO Edward Stack, Dicks NEVER sold or stocked ANY ‘assault rifles’ which are fully automatic and ILLEGAL except for the military and police. Business decisions based in ignorance and fear is bad for everybody.
    Assault weapons vs. semi automatic guns | Buckeye Firearms …


  4. Good.
    Means there is ONE LESS DOOR to go into this Christmas Season..
    A PERFECT rendition of who they are !!!

  5. As a corporation responsible to shareholders, alienating half the population with a political stand against outdoorsmen is brilliant. With any luck, they’ll be bankrupt in 5 years. Selling trinkets associated with sports is a loser model.

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