Did a Republican Leader Hawking a Convention Just Compare Rubio to Abe Lincoln?



If people want to know why Ted Cruz has resisted becoming friends with the good old boys, you might want to consider the following.

Darrel Issa, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, is a Marco Rubio supporter who doesn’t like Trump or Cruz because he wants someone, as he puts it, who believes he’s truly a member of this party and has been for a long time. Translation: someone who is part of the establishment and goes along.

Issa then compared this situation to the Lincoln-Seward convention, not the 1948 convention in which Dewey was chosen. Trump is Seward and Rubio, who he describes as “inspirational”, is obviously supposed to be Lincoln.

Issa mentioned the second round in which the delegates – the alleged ‘people’ as he says it – will get to vet Trump. Rubio is always in the second or third place, he added.

It’s obvious where he is going with that.

What he is talking about here is the plan to have party bosses – delegates – choose the candidate over the will of the people who voted.

Ironically, Issa then tried to pass off Rubio and Kasich as outsiders and non-establishment players.

Then he used the “R” word. They might pick a Ronald Reagan outsider, he said. Of course he means Rubio though it sounds like he’d settle for Kasich.


A brokered convention is explained here but, briefly, what happens after the first round, after delegates are no longer bound to the candidate the state voted for, and if a candidate doesn’t hit the magic number of delegates, the delegates start horse trading, voting, and switching their votes [Rule 40]. The delegates pick the winner. They could steal the election.

Rush Limbaugh talks about Rule 40 in the next video and explains that the Republican party is in charge of who gets selected in a convention after the first round, adding that there will be a walkout and major confusion if the GOP tries to steal the election.

Rush is optimistic that when people begin to focus on the real enemy – Hillary Clinton – who poses a grave threat to our children and grandchildren – they will come together. Let’s hope he’s right. There is so much at stake.