Did Rush just say Trump’s “an empty, vacuous salesman…and can’t do 90% of what he promised”?



Talk radio hosts have taken sides in the GOP primary and it’s caused audiences to rebel. Rush Limbaugh is currently in the crosshairs.

On Thursday, Rush Limbaugh’s listeners lambasted him for his alleged ‘defense’ of Trump and he responded saying that his sole mission is to defeat Hillary, not to defend Trump. He appeared to indirectly trash some of what Trump is saying and doing.

On Friday, he also said he’d vote for Daffy Duck if he was running against Hillary’s agenda.

Rush said Trump might be the Republican nominee and the mission is to beat Hillary and liberalism [which many of us call leftism]. Read what he said Thursday or listen to the audio below. Was he sending a dog whistle that he knows Trump’s failings but nothing could be as bad as Hillary and her socialist agenda?

Trump said that what happened during that MSNBC interview with Chris Matthews and Donald Trump was “huge” and “very damaging”. Trump was given a hypothetical question as to what he would do if abortion was against the law and Trump responded saying that the woman who had the abortion would have to be punished.

Rush explained that the Republicans are now quaking in their boots because they are frightened by racism, sexism, all of it and what he said has re-energized the formerly listless base, the war on women is back though it was all but dead, and Trump’s already brought out angry minorities. In his small way, Rush said he is trying to “minimize the damage.”

While addressing a caller’s complaint that he was defending Trump, Rush said that Trump’s not losing support when he shows he doesn’t know what the nuclear triad is. It’s the same type of loyalty Obama was able to secure.  Changing peoples’ minds can’t be done en masse.

Rush might have suggested that Trump shows signs of ignorance, incompetence and inexperience in the next set of comments.

Rush said people call him up and send him emails telling him, “You’ve got to tell people what a fraud Trump is, It’s too important, you’ve got to tell them they’re screwing up, you’ve got to tell them they’ve got to abandon Trump.”

Rush said, “everybody and their uncle has tried that and all that happens is those people glue themselves tighter to Trump. No matter what flaw, no matter what ignorant remark, no matter what apparent sign of incompetence, inexperience, no matter what you mention, his support base either grows or stays the same. Does that not fascinate you?, ” he asked the caller.

Read what else Rush said. It sounds like he suggested Trump was “an empty, vacuous salesman who doesn’t care about them and can’t do 90% of what he’s promised.

“Then how would you do it? How would you tell people they are making a grave error? How would you tell people they are putting the country in their hands and they are about to destroy the whole thing? Because they’re supporting a no-nothing, they’re supporting an empty, vacuous salesman who really doesn’t care about them and can’t do 90% of what he’s promising to do. What would you do to separate them from it?”

Rush has said on his show that Trump can’t bring back the companies and the jobs and he won’t. For example, an iPhone would cost $2500 or more if it were made here. He’s tried to give Trump explanations for some of his missteps and blunders which are forgiven by his followers because he’s never been a politician before.

Rush seems to be telling us what he thinks of Trump but the goal is to defeat the left and he never loses sight of it because he knows what is at stake. He calls it defeating liberalism but has also admitted in the past that this isn’t liberalism, it’s socialism and communism. We are losing our country and once we do, we won’t get it back.

Rush said, “you want me to destroy his candidacy…we’ve depended on you and you’re not telling the truth about Trump…they KNOW,” he shouted. “They can hear just like you can hear. They see he doesn’t know what the Triad is. Doesn’t matter.”

He asked the caller, “How many of his supporters do you think know there is no way on earth he can make Apple transfer manufacturing of the iPhone to the United States? How many of his supporters do you think know that?”

The caller said he thinks to a certain extent, they’re “low-information”. People are starting to wake up, the caller said, and he’ll accept that Rush isn’t defending him but he – the caller – was very frustrated that Rush spent so much time ion his show psychoanalyzing Trump.

Rush responded by saying Trump “might become the nominee.” He said that he can’t separate supporters from whatever candidate it is. He can’t separate Hillary from her supporters and he’s tried nor can he separate the mindless robots from Obama. He has studied the phenomena for years; why do people stick to this, he asked rhetorically.

“Wherever we end up, the objective is to beat Hillary Clinton…everything else is a distraction…it’s all about beating Hillary Clinton…no one can control it,” he said in summing up.

What happened last night on MSNBC is “huge”, damaging in a “hugely damaging way” to the Republicans, he concluded. It needn’t have happened. It was based on a make-believe reality but it’s rejuvenating the Democrats and it’s frightened the Republican establishment who are no better at handling it than Trump.

Rush said he’s trying to diminish the effectiveness of it for the Democrats and limit the damage. He’s not defending Trump but liberalism is the destructive force. He’s “trying to do what little he can to limit the damage of what happened last night.” After 27 years behind the EIB mic, he told the caller and his audience that they know him. Why would he sell out, he asked?





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