Did Trump Just Take Himself Out? Updates


Donald Trump’s remarks after the debate might end up with him taking himself out. He might be the author of his own demise after all the efforts by others to “take him out”, or maybe not!

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s invitation to the RedState Convention was withdrawn yesterday and Megyn Kelly was invited in his place because of comments he made during an interview on CNN in which he said this in reference to Megyn Kelly: “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.”

It was not the “blood coming out of her eyes” part that was the problem, Erick Erickson said.

I think there is no way to otherwise interpret Mr. Trump’s comment. In an attempted clarification, Mr. Trump’s team tells me he meant “whatever”, not “where ever.”

About nine o’clock this morning, Trump tweeted this:

Yesterday he called Kelly a bimbo. Before the debate he said he would remain on a “high level” but that was before Kelly hit him with a tmz-style attack question.

What do you think? Is Trump still in the running?


Update: “Mr. Trump made Megyn Kelly look really bad—she was a mess with her anger and totally caught off guard. Mr. Trump said ‘blood was coming out of her eyes and whatever,’ meaning nose, but wanted to move on to more important topics,” Trump’s campaign office said in a statement obtained by E! News, “Only a deviant would think anything else.”

Donald Trump had an opportunity to confront the issue on Face the Nation Sunday.



  1. Everyone is trying to make Trump look bad and it back fires every time. I am still for trump. You all keep up the crap and more and more will turn TO Trump and not away. He is the ONLY ONE telling the TRUTH!!!

  2. the Washington big boys must have put pressure on fox to get rid of trump for he was making the others look bad.99percent of the sen. Are crook t. Gouty is the only one that has any morales.i pray that my Sovereign God will have mercy on us .Debtor to Christ Paul

  3. Trump is not in this to win anything. Two possibilities. He will take his time in the limelight and go home happy. Or, look for him to run third party to split the RINOs ie Perot 2.0. Anyone think Slick Willy is behind this? I wonder how Slick will handle Obama? When will the dogs be called off the Hildabeast?

  4. I am afraid I have to disagree. Before the debate, I was liking what Trump was saying because he is well aware of what he has to say to reach the American people.. He doesn’t seem to have a lot of self control and I definitely feel he has a problem with women. Perhaps he felt threatened by Megan Kelly. If he did make the statements she asked him about then he should own them and not attack her. I don’t think he is President material. Just my opinion.

    • Let’s hope enough people realize what a jerk Donald really is. How can anyone think that he is Presidential timber? He’s nothing but an egotistical spoiled brat.

  5. I think he is still’in it’,but when people like Megyn Kelly try to ‘bait’ him,he needs to take a deep breath,wait a moment,THEN say something!

  6. Murdoch who owns Fox News had the worst journalist in centuries to ask Donald trump nasty questions that had nothing to do with being. President and everything to do with throwing punches. It was trashy. And to boot they all mocked him and set up a forum where they would allow the other candidates to mock him. And made him last I’m closing remarks. Wow. Such crappy media. It’s all bought and sold and they cannot control Donald so they try to get the society to by black ops psychological tactics. What bullshit to allow his peers to screw him. Typical Masonic realm controlling the scene from behind the scenes. It’s a call from someone else with power that feels Donald’s a threat to them. Who owns America?? Federal reserve. Ohhh england and even Saudi Arabia Their Masonic. Bloodlines all stick together. But one day the truth will come out. Donald for president!!!

  7. Donald Trump wants what is good for the American People. If he has to hurt the feelings of a few people who don’t care what’s good for the American People, then so be it. Go Donald Trump!!!! The American People Love this guy!!!

  8. It is not over until it’s over I with him until then. He seems to me to be the only one to make things happen. For the good of this country not the continuation of its destruction.

  9. Trump may be saying things people want to hear, but that is a far cry from being qualified to be President. That takes more knowledge, gravitas, and self-control than Mr. Trump has shown.

    Maybe The Donald could run the Commerce Dept. until President Cruz abolishes it. 🙂

  10. Megyn Kelly should be permanently forbidden to even be on TV! She was rude, nasty & wanted Donald out of the debate! She hates Donald! Cremate Megyn!! I’m all for Donald, he’s the only one with a brain & is saying what everybody else is too afraid to say! Donald has my vote! Let’s wake up America, do you want another stupid a******* like what’s in OUR White House now?? I don’t!! Go Donald!!!!

  11. When Trump announces he won’t take any salary.for 1 full year for himself he will get all the votes JFK did it for his time as president. Trump could spare one yeAr and give it to SS. Or vets.

  12. I think The Donald might be just what this country needs after 25 years of watered down but media hyped, politically correct DC speak, same ole, same ole cookie-cutter Beltway politics and politicians – including Presidents. As CRAZY as this seems; let me draw a comparison between Donald Trump and Ronald Regan. This is a bit long but a good read and definitely food for thought, BUT please read it with the understanding that Ronald Reagan was as controversial a candidate in his campaign over 30 years ago as Donald Trump is today. Different time, different media, different technology, different era of social correctness. However, Ronald Reagan was thought of – at the outset of his campaign – as brash, outspoken and controversial as Donald Trump is today. You just have to make the connection in a way you would compare 1978 dollars to 2015 dollars in value. Adjust for the time.

    President Reagan was a leader whose constituency and the WORLD took very, VERY seriously. President Reagan said it, he did it, it got DONE. Period. To our enemies abroad he said; “Don’t go there. If you do, I’ll kill you and all yours.” They said; “No Sir. We won’t go there. Thank you for the warning.” And they didn’t. They knew better. The Ayatollah Khomeini released ALL 300 +/- American hostages he had been holding at the US Embassy in Iran for over a year as SOON as the election results were in and Ronald Regan was going to be the next POTUS, because Ronald Reagan had told the Iranians: “You better release those hostages by the time I’m sworn in or I’ll kill you and ALL of yours as my first act as President,” and they knew he MEANT it and could and WOULD. I don’t think ANY of our enemies abroad want to see Donald Trump in the Oval Office for the same reason. It is crystal clear he has no problem obliterating an enemy. Not just defeating; obliterating. That was President Reagan’s stand and it WORKED. We don’t just win; we DOMINATE and the entire world took the US very, VERY seriously.

    Ronald Reagan was too old; too radical looking with that slicked up Hollywood hair; spoke entirely too plainly and from the hip on whatever he was thinking; stepped on a LOT of political toes; was a Hollywood actor that played as everything from a silly second fiddle to a chimpanzee to what would today be called misogynistic manly men, in Hollywood films; radical policies; started out politics as a liberal Democrat but then switched to a conservative Republican as he and the world grew and changed; he was a divorcee (Jane Wyman was his first wife); Wildly popular in the polls but the pundits and his opponents of the day said; “It won’t be. It can’t be. It’s only because of his Hollywood stardom. He’s not serious. Nobody will take him seriously. He’ll make a mockery of the process and the rest of the world will never take us seriously if he is our President. His policies won’t work and the US will be the laughing stock of the world.” The press of the day often took his remarks out of context yet each time they did – he stuck by his guns and his numbers went up and up and UP. They made fun of him and disparaged him at every turn but he just wouldn’t quit. He made all KINDS of “sound bite” gaffes the pundits and opponents said made him unfit for détente and negotiation. He was said by his opponents and the pundits to be the worst thing we could do for America. We needed more nice and huggy-snuggly with the world and internally too (the age of excess – sex, drugs and rock and role was upon us) to help nurture all the troubled youth. His Presidency will be an abject failure for our entire Nation.

    Any of this sound familiar? Donald Trump is a current figure in the modern world with all it’s trappings and traps and he appears to me to be negotiating a very similar path (corrected for time) that Ronald Reagan did 30 something years ago (an eternity in “technology years”) with a similar agenda and style (he is a New Yorker and President Reagan was a mid-westerner). Of course there are differences. Quite a few. They are (were – God rest Mr. Reagan) different men and these are different times for sure. However, I see more similarities than differences. Got a question for those old enough to remember;

    How’d President Reagan’s radical Washington persona and policies work out for us back then? Pretty darned good I’d say. I and the rest of America did pretty darned good during the Reagan Administration. Not perfect, but you can’t knock every single ball out the park. We needed what Ronald Reagan brought to the table as President then and I think we need it again. He’s passed, but in many ways Donald Trump has taken the call President Reagan answered when HE got it:

    “We’re in deep $#!+ here. Get us out. I don’t care HOW you do it. Just DO IT! PLEASE!”

    “OK. I’ll get you out. It’s gonna be tough on you and I won’t be nice about doing it and it won’t be pretty and all tied up with a silk Christmas bow; but I’ll get you out of the $#!+ if that’s what you really want. A lot of a$$es need kicking and yours is probably one of them. But if you want out; TAKE your licks, put on your grown-up underware on, and fight – which means WORK. Do it and I’ll get you out, though. Your call. What’cha wanna do? Lemme know and I’ll make it happen. Just don’t b!+*h at me about how I do it or what I say doin’ it. You want a Rottweiler? We come with teeth and we bite back.”

    They both used the semantics of their times but both got essentially the same call from America and both answered in essentially the same way and negotiate(ed) a time adjusted similar path. I think President Reagan would have been just about as brash as Donald Trump is, had the technology and media of his day been what it is today.

    News media of the late 70’s and early 80’s would never have DREAMED about referring to a SITTING POTUS by simply their last names in that era. That would have been deemed as disrespectful of the OFFICE and a firing offense for a 1988 journalist. Now? “Obama said this, did that”. The media disrespects the OFFICE of POTUS to that extent a million times a day; how can we expect them to respect the candidates running for that office in any way? Pop Jeb Bush (or any of the others – with the exception of Carly Fiorina, also a strong business personality not afraid to throw a punch – though a bit less flamboyantly) in the nose and you’ll get: “Wow. That smarted. Lets look at that again and see why you did it.” Then they’ll fuss about it and maybe jab back. Pop Mr. Trump or Mrs. Fiorina in the nose? You gonna get a smack back SO big!!

    Isn’t that what’s REALLY going on with all the Donald Trump hype? The way he smacks back? I ‘d be all 25 tons onboard on a Trump/ Fiorina ticket! As a businessman myself, I see very complimentary qualities in those two. She has the “political smoothness” he doesn’t he has the “no holds barred WIN – just Say it and DO it” she needs and they would be just enough different and open in PRIVATE conversations to keep each other’s game sharp and put America back where we need to be.

    Crazy Aminal, but that’s me, and I think that’s where we need to be and if those to could get it together – together; The US would be back to number ONE in all arenas.

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