Omnibus Bill to Fund Illegal Immigration, Refugees from Terror Nations


Today on The Laura Ingraham Show, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) issued a warning to Republicans to stop cowering over the prospect of a government shutdown. According to the Alabama senator, the omnibus spending bill hands Obama a “blank check” to fund his refugee program.

Sen. Jeff Sessions
Sen. Jeff Sessions

We have about 179,000 criminal illegal aliens on our streets. They are supposed to be deported but the administration dropped all of the prosecutions while bragging they are doing more on criminal aliens than anyone before. Actually, deportations dropped by more than half this year to 63,000, the year before it was double. The budget went up $800 million however.

Congress waited for the Christmas rush to pass the Omnibus bill which combines all federal bills into one monster bill. In reference to immigration, it will fund the refugees and Obama has the power to bring in as many as he wants and he will.

Congress will have to come up with the money for their admission and welfare benefits which is quite substantial.

The Economist said the overwhelming majority of Americans including Hispanics don’t think we should accept Muslim refugees. Despite that, the president is going to follow through with his program and the Congress is going to fund it.

The administration is talking about 30,000 Syrians by next year but Kerry made it clear that it can be more. Kerry once said 100,000 and many Democrats in Congress want 65,000 to 100,000.

Paul Ryan’s bill was a show bill and meant nothing.

Without stopping the money, the refugees will come in and be settled all over the country.

We brought in one christian out of 136 since Paris. We have a religious ban of some kind against Christians.

Jeff Sessions made the point that any talk of a shutdown is on the president. He is so fanatical that he is willing to shut down the government if he can’t take unvetted refugees in.

Sessions advised his colleagues to stand by the will of the American people and not cower to Obama’s veto threats. If the President chooses to veto the funding bill “just because Congress didn’t fund one of his pet programs,” the blame would certainly not fall on the shoulders of Republicans.

If the President is forced to veto the bill and halt government funding, “Republicans would have funded the government, they just responded to the American people on the refugee program.”

It’s time for members of Congress to respond to the people because, as Ingraham said, “You’re not with the Party if you’re going to do what you’re going to do and fund this government without any restrictions on Obama.”

It strikes me that this is the reason Trump, Cruz, Carson and even Rubio have taken the lead over establishment candidates but the establishment doesn’t seem to get it, at least not to the point of doing something about it.

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  1. Omnibust bill.. who cares about a government shutdown? Close it up and lock the doors. The military will go on,SSI and SSD will go on. EBT will prevail… Life goes on
    All the things that are happening now is nothing short of madness.This is what happens in other countries,or in the history books.I never thought it would actually happen in my own homeland in my lifetime.
    What is more disturbing is that there are so called “Americans” who actually support these things and defend the actions of the President and Congress..

  2. Well about a month ago after the Paris attack, I pointed out what you get if you keep letting these Muslim pig F’ers in. I was called a disgusting racist, and a Nazi!
    To the two morons….are you happy now? Care to add anymore comments? Anything to say?
    As I see it, people like you have the blood of these innocent victims on your hands!

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