Did You Know Common Core Has Its Own PR Machine to Twist the Facts?



NSPRA or the National School Public Relations Association is the propaganda machine for the Common Core and nationalized education, with an emphasis on nationalized education. They have a mission statements and a code of ethics and all the code words that give truth to their lies. They are becoming very powerful and hope to be the only educational news in the country.

Their objective is to be the sole or primary source of ‘expert information and knowledge’ throughout all school public relations. They want to be the go-to people in every school in the nation.

They have the funding and the have the technology to do it. They have something even more important – they are willing to subtly demonize any opposition through belittlement, deceit, and sly propaganda.

As you can tell from their title, they want national education.

There is a reason the Founding Fathers made nationalized education unconstitutional. They saw the danger inherent in concentrating too much power in the hands of too few which nationalization does.

Even if you love Barack Obama, Arne Duncan, and their policies, what about the next leader? Are you sure you want power over the minds of youth PK – 16 concentrated in a small number of elites at the pinnacle of the Ivory Tower?

We are living in a society where the Attorney General of the United States refuses to sue states that are violating the law by legalizing some drugs and who sues states for trying to enforce immigration law and who are attempting to clean up voter rolls.

We are living in a time when the president wants more and more charter schools that the government controls to compete with public schools while suing Louisiana for giving out vouchers, which go to ‘private’,  i.e. non-government institutions.

Why do we want competition in public education via charter schools with their powerful administrators? Despite being ‘non-profits,’ they are money makers. Why not make public education better and stop demeaning the American family, which is the backbone of a healthy society?

If you go to the site’s critical review section, you will find the supposedly measured – fair and balanced – critiques.

This is where they get to laugh at the ‘extremists’ who call it ObamaCore while slyly stating that there are some flaws to work out. They conclude the truth probably lies somewhere in between. They conclude this because they want 100% nationalized education.

The site is subtly aimed at dispelling the notion that the Common Core movement is a rigid, totalitarian takeover of the public schools, but keep in mind that their name is the NATIONAL SCHOOL public relations association.

They are only about nationalizing education. There is no compromise, only twisted propaganda.

They have one website listed in their critical review section that is opposed to the Core but they list many more that paint opponents as tin-foil hat people.

They cite brilliant professors who assert the need to replace not repair a broken system, meaning we are headed for federal government-controlled schools, many of which will be charter schools.

They warn against politicizing the issue which prevents honest discussion and compromise. Is that what they want? Honest discussion and compromise? They are, after all, calling themselves the NATIONAL SCHOOL association!

The Association is Progressive – very. One of the articles they listed was penned by one of their own and is titled, ‘Values: Do they include Authoritarianism?‘ The article is a confused mix of Progressivism and anti-authoritarianism.

Why would Progressives be anti-authoritarian? The reason, if you read through the article, is because they view the standards as based far too much on the conservative ‘strict father family’ as opposed to the Communist Progressive ‘nurturing parent family.’ In other words, they want more of their kind of authoritarianism where the family model is anything but traditional.

If you want to know where they are coming from, some of the answers lie in their redefining of American values to principles that include freedom, equality, human dignity, tolerance, and the celebration of diversity, as expressed in the article cited.

They are subtly changing us from a society of independent individualists who value self-reliance to a society of entitled, social justice, redistributive, sexual justice, open borders Progressives.

Throughout the article, Progressive values are portrayed as the American values from the onset of the Republic when nothing could be further from the truth.

Progressives are waging a semantic war for the minds and hearts of our youth and our educators.



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